August 19, 2017
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    Possessive Founders

    The recent instances of Founders cagey about letting go of organisations that they help found has stirred up a buzz in the Indian corporate world and political space. The much tom-tommed smooth transition that saw Read More...

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  • What Happens After Death ??

    July 2, 2017 0
    What is death ? Is there life after death ? Is death painful? What happens after death ? How does rebirth happen ? Where do we go after death ? These kind of questions related Read More...
  • Battle lines drawn in UP..

    January 19, 2017 0
    THE drama in the Samajwadi Party was so intriguing that poll politicking took a back seat in the front-line state of Uttar Pradesh. Now, With the Election Commission poking a ‘spoke’ in Mulayam’s prospects by Read More...
  • Zakir Naik: Deep Roots and Good old Days Letter

    July 14, 2016 0
    Zakir was born in Bombay some half a century back. His speeches are banned in Canada, UK and Indonesia. UK cancelled his visa in 2010. Zakir is known for his hate speeches. His venture, Peace TV is all Read More...
  • Why did Twitter Succeed?

    May 14, 2017 1
    There is a reason why social media, Twitter in particular, has become as popular as it has. The reason is not too far to look. It satiates the desire of people to look for real Read More...
  • Capt. Manoj Kr. Pandey – Insight from his Close Friend

    July 2, 2016 0
    Param Veer Chakra: Capt. Manoj Kr. Pandey  BRIEF BIOGRAPHY Capt. Manoj Pandey was born on 22nd Feb 1974 in ‘Rurha’ village of Sitapur district of U.P. He was the eldest of three brothers and one Read More...

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