April 26, 2019

Heard of Revolutionary Freedom Fighter Suniti Chaudhary?

We had too many choices to upload for the 1st issue of 1 Ka Dum. However, keeping in mind Birth Anniversary of a great Freedom Fighter we thought sharing information about Suniti Chaudhary (1917 – 1994) would be the best way to start the page. 1 Ka Dum.

She was born on May 22, 1917 in Ibrahampur village of Tripura distt now in Bangladesh. Her two elder brothers were already active in revolutionary movement, while she was still in school.

As a growing child she was influenced by the atmosphere at home and also by Ulluskar Dutta ( He made bombs to be used against British Officers. While he was in Presidency College, Kokotta a british professor Prof. Russell made derogatory comments against Bengalis. He hit the Prof and as an outcome, Ulluskar Dutta was rusticated).

She joined Jugantar Party and soon became leader of female students wing. She got training in dagger and rifle shooting.  She was picked up for direct action along with her classmate Santi Ghose.

Security was tightened because of the movement. Therefore, Suniti Chaudhary and Santi Ghose were given the plan. On December 14, 1931 approached Mr. Stevens, the District Magistrate of Comilla. They carried a petition for making a swimming pool. The moment Steven was in front of Sunity Chaudhary she fired at him.

Steven died and the two revolutionary were arrested. Keeping in mind their age the two were given life imprisonment. She was treated as Division III convict and kept in isolation from rest of revolutionary prisoners.  She was released after seven years. Her entire family went through harrowing time. Father pension was stopped, elder brother were arrested.

After here release she did her MBBS and served the poor patients.

Pic: Courtesy Wiki

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