March 19, 2019
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A renowned doctor, scientist, and an academic,she is the regional head of IHRO. A thought leader, a powerful speaker, and an acute observer, one of those rare individuals with both the clarity and conviction of thought, she has the ability to influence through energy, innovate,change long held perceptions, inspire people and affect personalities even in short conversations.Her clear incisive writing has lent inspiration to many a career and transformed many lives.
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Oye Bengaluru- Namma Bitu Bitu

April 20, 2016 Usha Mohandas 0

Oye Bengaluru- Namma Bitu Bitu Attracting mosquitoes, repelling people-That is what good repellant mosquito coils, creams, racquets and mats do! A lesson well learnt it during my recent battles! I am a crusader and an Read More…