March 30, 2017
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Yogi giving sleepless night to MSM

March 27, 2017 Robin 0

Illegal business in any field is illegal, there can’t be any alternate to it and no mercy.. There can’t be amnesty just because it will lead to unemployment. I pity the so called qualified and respected journalists Read More…

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Patience of Congressi Leaders

March 17, 2017 Robin 0

Patience is key to success. But patience without hard work has zero value. While BJP has worked hard from the days of just 2 seats in Parliament, allowed full scale democracy in the party, Congress Read More…

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Social work with Selfish Interest

March 16, 2017 Robin 1

It is good if a person keeps setting new targets to achieve in life. College degree, career, money and fame. One can always continue to study more, earn more, there is absolutely no harm. The Read More…

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Khatiya Khadi in UP

March 12, 2017 Robin 0

If someone thought that Emergency was peak of suppressing the voice of the citizens then they were badly mistaken. With private news channels coming into the picture the scene went from bad to worse. Painting Read More…

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BJP UP and rest DOWN in UP

March 11, 2017 Robin 0

The road to 2019 is clear like 20:20 perfect vision. No matter what the MSM does or the opposition does nothing will work. The way UP is painted with saffron color is an indication that Read More…

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#JNU to #UN- Time to Connect Dots

March 3, 2017 Robin 0

The seed of anti national activities were sown long back. The dirty fruits are being sold by some section of media, self professed intellectuals, NGOs etc openly now. The flag bearers are left leaning individuals (on purpose not Read More…

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