April 29, 2017
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Public Discussion and Lotus History

April 27, 2017 Robin 0

Right from Bahadur Shah to Gandhis Lotus is close to everyone. Significant part of the nations land is already under Lotus. With Amit Shah making intentions clear on West Bengal, Lotus will spread smiles with Read More…

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Human Rights, Kashmir and News Traders

April 22, 2017 Robin 2

Many learned authors have written reams on Kashmir and on news traders. One area that I have noticed is conspicously missed is Human Rights. But Human Rights is the most talked about subject by all news traders. Read More…

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Nation will Know

April 18, 2017 Robin 0

I have seen Times Now right from the early days. Entry of Arnab in Times Now. Struggle days of Arnab in getting the desired TRP. If you recollect a small child by the name Prince Read More…

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