February 19, 2019
About Sarthak Dhamija
I am a student. From Gwalior and currently pursuing B.Tech in Electronics And Communication from Jaypee University of Information Technology (Waknaght). I am an active member of Rotaract Club Waknaghat and also participated in various MUN's and Youth Parliaments and working as an intern with drishtikon.org
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Break the Language Barrier

July 11, 2017 Sarthak Dhamija 0

With ever increasing demand of multilingual trade and business transactions, learning a new language can be both exciting as a career option and can open more options for your career limitlessly. “One language sets you in Read More…

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Believe in Yourself

June 30, 2017 Sarthak Dhamija 1

22ndMay 2016, it seemed as if everything is over and all my dreams were shattered because I couldn’t clear the so called most prestigious entrance exam for a non-medical student i.e. the “Joint Entrance Exam”. Read More…