October 18, 2017
About Vijendra Bhat
Currently working as an Assistant Professor in an Engineering College in Udupi district, Karnataka. Earlier Worked in Steel Foundry Industry for 6 years. Interested in the politics and revival of Bharat.
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Cultural RW

March 29, 2017 Vijendra Bhat 0

Every environmental activist, animal rights activist, financial activist, human rights activists should be jumping with joy as several illegal businesses are getting closed in the UP. But this does not seem to be happening since Read More…

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Guess the Big Bully

March 27, 2017 Vijendra Bhat 0

Few years back, a pseudo-Secular and a hypocrite actor did a show about the problems India is facing. The government has believed him to be an expert on the subjects and was even invited to Read More…

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Children of Bharat

March 25, 2017 Vijendra Bhat 0

Bharat is our country existed much before any modern claims its existence. Bharat is not merely geography but a civilization which has its origins linked to the origins of knowledge and the greatest of people Read More…

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March 24, 2017 Vijendra Bhat 0

After the latest Supreme Courts cowardly act of asking the two parties to get an out of court settlement in the Ram Temple issue, one wonders if the Court has even acted morally. The dispute Read More…

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The Problem of Secularism

March 19, 2017 Vijendra Bhat 0

During a panel discussion in one of the alleged national news channel, one lady said that hence forth there should be no questions about mullahs, padres, etc supporting a particular party. This statement was heard Read More…

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