April 19, 2019
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News n Views is an online place for nationalists to share their opinions, information and content by way of Blogs, Videos, Statistics, or any other legal way that they feel comfortable.
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Advertising and Marketing: ATL and BTL. Strategy, Planning and Execution. Expert in micro solution.
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Sharat loves to write about technology, social issues and current affairs with a dash of humour.
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Currently working as an Assistant Professor in an Engineering College in Udupi district, Karnataka. Earlier Worked in Steel Foundry Industry for 6 years. Interested in the politics and revival of Bharat.
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Consultant for Auto-LPG based in Hyderabad. He has interest in current affairs, likes to read a lot and write a bit.
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victim of main stream English Media a thrilling journey from a passive consumer to an active critic and now proud founder of this platform.have been blocked by UPA govt,ANI_NEWS,Unblocked by GOI 02/11/12 BLOCKED BY CM OF BENGAL. favourite playground is Twitter DOB 18/02/2010 ONTwitter
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Housewife, nationalist , loves reading and counter media lies with proof.
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Author Rajiv Malhotra Born in 1950, Rajiv Malhotra is an Indian American researcher, writer, speaker and July 18, 2008 Washington 061public intellectual on current affairs as they relate to civilizations, cross-cultural encounters, religion and science. He studied physics at St. Stephens College in Delhi and went for post-graduate studies in physics and then computer science to the USA. Rajiv served in multiple careers, including: software development executive, Fortune 100 senior corporate executive, strategic consultant, and successful entrepreneur in the information technology and media industries. At the peak of his career when he owned 20 companies in several countries, he took early retirement at age 44 to pursue philanthropy, research and public service. He established Infinity Foundation for this purpose in 1994. Rajiv has conducted original research in a variety of fields and has influenced many other thinkers in India and the West. He has disrupted the mainstream thought process among academic and non-academic intellectuals alike, by providing fresh provocative positions on Dharma and on India. Some of the focal points of his work are: Interpretation of Dharma for the current times; comparative religion, globalization, and India’s contributions to the world. He has authored hundreds of articles, provided strategic guidance to numerous organizations and has over 300 video lectures available online. To best understand Rajiv’s thoughts and contributions, his books are a good resource. Besides Invading the Sacred, in which Rajiv is the main protagonist, he has authored the following game changing books: Being Different: An Indian Challenge to Western Universalism Breaking India: Western Interventions in Dravidian and Dalit Faultlines; and Indra’s Net: Defending Hinduism’s Philosophical Unity The Battle for Sanskrit: Is Sanskrit Political or Sacred, Oppressive or Liberating, Dead or Alive? Academic Hinduphobia: A Critique of Wendy Doniger’s Erotic School of Indology Currently, Rajiv Malhotra is the full-time founder-director of Infinity Foundation in Princeton, NJ. He also serves as Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Center for Indic Studies at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, and is adviser to various organizations. Infinity Foundation has given more than 400 grants for research, education and community work. It has provided strategic grants to major universities in support of pioneering programs including: visiting professorships in Indic studies at Harvard University, Yoga and Hindi classes at Rutgers University, research and teaching of nondualistic philosophies at University of Hawaii, Global Renaissance Institute and a Center for Buddhist studies at Columbia University, a program in religion and science at University of California, endowment for the Center for Advanced Study of India at University of Pennsylvania, lectures at the Center for Consciousness Studies at University of Arizona. Rajiv Malhotra inspired the idea of Swadeshi Indology Conference. The first ever Swadeshi Indology Conference was held at IIT, Chennai from July 6 to July 8, 2016. This conference hosted well-researched papers that highlighted the discrepancies and mistranslations in the studies of Indology done by Prof. Sheldon Pollock. This conference is the first of a series of conferences that have been planned to address multiple issues raised by Western Indologists requiring astute examination, analyses and rejoinders, culminating in a published volume with a selection of papers. Another major initiative of the Infinity Foundation is the HIST series. The HIST (History of Indian Science and Technology) series is a compilation of multi-Volume History of Indian Science and Technology based only on solid academic scholarship, and not on wild extrapolations. To accomplish this, each volume was subjected to rigorous peer reviews. The following volumes have already been published and printed as part of this IF project: Marvels of Indian Iron Through the Ages Indian Zinc Technology in Global Perspective Water Management and Hydraulic Engineering in India History of Metals in Eastern India and Bangladesh Harappan Architecture and Civil Engineering Beginning of Agriculture and Domestication in India History of Iron Technology in India Indian Beads History and Technology Himalayan Traditional Architecture Animal Husbandry and Allied Technologies in Ancient India Harappan Technology and Its Legacy Reflection on The History of Indian Science and Technology Chalcolithic South Asia: Aspects of Crafts and Technologies Traditional Water Management Rajiv Malhotra has an active Facebook following with about 8 hundred thousand followers.
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The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
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The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
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An intrepid accountant, investment analyst, ex fund manager, jyotish student, traveler and observer. Zinda hoon zindagi ka talabgar nahin hoon, Bazaar se guzra hoon, khareedar nahi hoon.
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MBA in HR. I worked for 3 yrs in financial Industry and finally decided to follow my dream which is writing. My passion is writing, exploring the world and to get different experiences by meeting people. My philosophy about life is that " You are the only master of life. So you decide what you want to do don't compel other to decide." Life is to live.....
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The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
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Traveller, photographer, interested in history, architecture, studying ancient Indian scriptures.. write for http://myind.net and http://newsnviews.online
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#LivewithDignity is the belief in spirit and practice. Love to take corrupt and people supporting them head on. Managing Trustee - 1 Ka Dum Foundation
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Sanjeev is seasoned Human Resources professional with a wealth of experience spanning across Manufacturing, Information Technology and Financial Services Industries. He is an Integral part of the Global HR Leadership Team which works on HR strategy development and deployment plan for all organizational level HR programs. Sanjeev has a well-rounded exposure to Business Operations and Delivery along with focused Human Resources assignments to understand people and people strategy. It Enables being a true Business Partner in deciding People Processes and making informed decisions by leveraging market intelligence. He is a strategic planner with experience in Organization Restructuring, Change Management, Organization Development and Talent Management. Sanjeev is a qualified Career and Performance Coach. Specialties: Change Management, Organization Development, Performance Coaching, Career Coaching, HR Operations, Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Green-field Legal CGreenfield Operations, Start-up, Learning, and Development, and Compensation and Benefits.
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Preeti Talwar - is a science doctorate, freelance writer, proof reader. Published in The Chicken Soup Series, Reader's Digest ,Hindustan Times, Hitovad, Bonobology etc. Wielding the pen and laddle with elan is her forte. Writing is cathartic for her soul.
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The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
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A Chartered Accountant who is currently into practice and business. Has worked in institutions like Ernst & Young, Citibank and e serve. A person with extensive views on social and current events who has been writing to various news papers like Midday and Afternoon in the letters to editor column for the last two decades. Has a blog www.writerchandra.blogspot.com Has extensive knowledge about food and restaurants in Mumbai and has done restaurant reviews for the Times of India on several occasions. Has extensive knowledge of diet and nutrition and has helped many people lose substantial weight. A fitness fanatic who has been running the marathon (full marathoner) for the last 13 years.
About Drishtikon 10 Articles
Drishtikon.org is a career counseling oriented website cum blog, which is made with the aim to inspire students of high school and senior school students and Undergraduates across the country. We help students find a career that maximizes their potential. We provide students with one to one assistance in choosing the best career for them.
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An engineering student, football fanatic and aspiring Football writer.
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Vicky Nanjappa is an internal security correspondent with OneIndia.com. He has 17 years of experience in reporting.
Sentient Poet,amateur writer, perennial student and a persistent analyst, the author is a Senior Management Professional in the Indian Microfinance Sector
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Thinker-Executor, Participant-Observer, Philosopher-Practitioner, Interested in politics, culture and social research, columnist on Policy and Diplomacy. IIT Bombay and JNU alumnus.
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The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
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I became a brahmin when I studied, a kshatriya when I joined the army, a vaishya when I became a trader, shudra when I worked with my hands. Author- Oh My GODS
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Saket is an engineer from NIT Raipur and Master in International Business. He works with a large IT MNC. He writes on literature, history and poetry on his blog, www.saketsuryesh.net. Saket has published collection of poems, a book of short stories and English translation of Autobiography of Bismil.
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Yasmin Remedios has been learning, practicing and teaching yoga for over a decade. She was a full-time writer and editor in a corporate set up but after suffering from serious health issues such as slipped disc, severe anemia and arthritis, she took up yoga and changed her life around. Today, at 45, she says she feels her fittest best. She runs marathons, often cycles over a 100k, hikes every month and last but not the least, practices yoga every day. She hopes to inspire everyone into making yoga a way of life.
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Supdt. of Customs (Read). Whistleblower. Recipient of 2004 Navleen Kumar Award. Sacrificed brother and service for honesty and integrity. Advocate, Bombay High Court.
About Dr Shobha Shrivastava 4 Articles
Mother, Columnist, Dreamer, Nationalist
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Veena Arge has been practising astrology in New Delhi for over 25 years.Besides prediction, her forte has been to alleviate suffering through "Mantra Jaaps". She learnt the finer points of astrology from her maternal uncle, who himself was a renowned practising astrologer in Pune; besides enhancing her learnings and knowledge through intense professional readings. She is also an accomplished Tarot card reader and uses her meditational skills to answer queries from her clients.
About Sarthak Dhamija 3 Articles
I am a student. From Gwalior and currently pursuing B.Tech in Electronics And Communication from Jaypee University of Information Technology (Waknaght). I am an active member of Rotaract Club Waknaghat and also participated in various MUN's and Youth Parliaments and working as an intern with drishtikon.org
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The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
About Janani Srinivas 2 Articles
Janani Srinivas, based out Melbourne is a practising astrologer and Vastu consultant. She got trained under renowned stalwarts like Lion Dr K Parthasarathy, Shri Mark Boney, Shri Govindadas, Dr. Arjun Pai and Smt Achala Govindadas. Janani started her career in Banking after completing her graduation and also holds level 4 certification in Credit Management in Australia.
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The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
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A renowned doctor, scientist, and an academic,she is the regional head of IHRO. A thought leader, a powerful speaker, and an acute observer, one of those rare individuals with both the clarity and conviction of thought, she has the ability to influence through energy, innovate,change long held perceptions, inspire people and affect personalities even in short conversations.Her clear incisive writing has lent inspiration to many a career and transformed many lives.
About Pawan Mishra 2 Articles
I have authored the book Hero of Batalik. Capt. Manoj Kr. Pandey was my batchmate since my sainik school days of July 1987. We were together in maximum activities of UP Sainik school Lucknow. Due to medical barriers I could not join him in 90th NDA course at Khadakwasla, Pune. We continued to exchange letters at least twice every month till his last letter reached me during Kargil War in 1999. At present I am based in Delhi and teaching students Physics for IIIT / PMT in the capacity of HOD at Narayana Academy.I am also running a school in the name of Capt. Manoj Kr Pandey Vidyamandir at his village in Maharajganj district of UP for the poorest of poor.
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The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
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Jan Ki Baat connects with People on Public Issues through Videos. It is the fastest breaking news platform for Public Issues.
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The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
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He is 26, a post graduate in mass communication with film making specialization from India Today Group.
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The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
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Writer & Journalist
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Supreme Court & Delhi High Court Lawyer & Accredited Mediator.
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I am a Photographer but not only to limited words. My philosophy on life is, it will take you on the same journey where you want to be but you must leave your comfort zone. I love enjoying Journey rather destinations. I love nature walks traveling and making new connections, I love helping others till I feel I am not falling with them. It's very important to me. My passion is capturing beauty and stories so I love photography. My values for life is to be transparent. Don't hurt others and don't let anyone hurt you. I love all dhrama and love to know more about them. I want to get known after my death as a healer.
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The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
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A mom ... and now starting the second inning as film maker khana, gana , photography chalti rahegi sath main.
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The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.