April 30, 2017

1 Ka Dum Foundation has pioneered the idea of creating a platform for retired defence personnel and their dependents for recruitment in private sector.

The aim is to assist all from defence who are either martyred or had to take retirement because of getting injured in line of action or even genuinely retired. We would share these CV’s with the corporate world and try our level best to give them the platform based on their experience and education.

Our very ardent request, if you know of any individual from defence background, please get their CV, if need be assist them in making a CV and send it to us on 1kadumfoundation@gmail.com

No fee will be charged from the applicant. However, Corporate on hiring them will pay the normal recruitment agency fee. i.e. 8.33% of the CTC. The money will go to Army Welfare Fund directly or any other fund of the government that the corporate wishes to.

1 Ka Dum Foundation nomenclature is “Power of One” , “One can make a Difference”.

Your one step in sharing this information or sending their CV to us can make a lot of difference to the society.

Also requesting senior defence officer to assist us in taking this project forward.

Do join us in in the noble cause. You may send your other valuable opinion on the mail given or on @NewsnViews247 with #1KaDum as the hashtag.

Jai Hind

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#110Days – Day 8

January 29, 2017 Nikhilesh Yadav 0

Day 8 stay was at Kailash International Hotel. The owner and staff took good care of me and we had discussion on the ongoing trip. Thanks to these people.               Read More…

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#110Days – Day 6

January 27, 2017 Nikhilesh Yadav 0

As per the plan, Jan 26, 2017 was supposed to be a rest day. Somehow the energy levels are still high and not too much of fatigue, so I decided to continue with the journey. Read More…

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#110Days – Day 5 Update

January 26, 2017 Nikhilesh Yadav 0

Day 5 – Wanted to continue with the journey but realised I had to get motor bike for mandatory servicing. Did the needful and went for Rann Utsav and meeting people. KUTCH is an amazing place. Read More…

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#110Days – Day 4 Update

January 25, 2017 Nikhilesh Yadav 0

Day 4 started on a positive note from Somnath and Bhole Baba Blessings. 1st halt at Sasangir, after that Devaliya Park. Met a group of tourists from Veena Travel. Bus safari at Park, spotted Lion Read More…

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#110Days – Day 3

January 24, 2017 Nikhilesh Yadav 0

As part of my own protocol started early. Slightly cold but soon forgot everything the moment the sound of running motor bike joined my breath. Firm yet gentle grip on the handle and thoughts on Read More…

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#110Days – Day 2 Update

January 22, 2017 Nikhilesh Yadav 0

Day 2 started early to avoid peak hours traffic. Sharing pictures of places visited during the journey. Before that picture with some locals who met and helped with information and cheered me.       Read More…

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