June 26, 2017
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Father’s Day

June 18, 2017 Barkha Trehan 0

Father’s day is observed on the third Sunday of June in most parts of the world including India. Each year people across globe celebrate the love, the sacrifices that a Father does for his child. Read More…

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बालीवुड़ की रहस्यमय मौते

June 18, 2017 Sameer Chaudhary 0

बालीवुड एक ऐसी चकाचौंध से भरी दुनिया जहा हजारो लोग अपनी किस्मत चमकाने पहुचते है परन्तु इस मनोरंजन की दुनिया की चकाचौंध के पीछे एक ऐसी अनजानी ओर कड़वी सच्चाई है जिससे  शायद बहुत कम Read More…

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“किन बातो मे छुपी है पूरी जिंदगी ?”

June 16, 2017 Sameer Chaudhary 0

एक इंसान पूरी जिंदगी यही ढूंढता रहता है कि  इस दुनिया मे खुशी कहा है ?दुनिया के किस कोने मे जाकर वह सारी खुशिया पा सकता है ? ओर इन्ही सवालो के जवाब तलाशते -तलाशते Read More…

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Game of Chors

June 16, 2017 Sharat Chandra 0

George R.R. Martin’s book “A Song of Ice and Fire” and its adaptation gave one of the best American fantasy drama television series “Game of Thrones”. The series started in 2011. “Game of Chors” unfolded Read More…

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“मुम्बई ओर अंडरवर्ल्ड “

June 15, 2017 Sameer Chaudhary 0

मुम्बई एक ऐसा शहर जहा हजारो लोग अपने सुनहरे भविष्य के सपनो के साथ कदम रखते है इसलिए मुम्बई को मायानगरी भी कहा जाता है ! कहते है मुम्बई का दिल इतना बड़ा है कि Read More…

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Being Tubelight

June 15, 2017 Sharat Chandra 0

Irony died a thousand deaths when “Being Human”, who led some souls sleeping on footpath to “RIP(Rest in Peace) while cruising in Toyota Landcruiser, talked about peace with Pakistan. Sermonizing about peace on eve of Read More…

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To Catch A Mockingbird

June 14, 2017 Sharat Chandra 0

Harper Lee wrote “To Kill a Mockingbird” in 1960 and won Pulitzer Prize. Our very own fugitive “King of Good Times” has mocked Indian government. “Keep dreaming about billions” These words from Mallya show his Read More…

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The Holiday

June 13, 2017 Sharat Chandra 1

After mundane but excruciating Mandsaur misadventure, hopping on to a bike and running in the fields creating a nightmare for Special Protection Group men, the Prince has decided to take some to unwind in Italy. Read More…

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