April 30, 2017

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Two Daughters

February 28, 2017 Narsimhan OSL 0

The picture of a inconsolable child saluting her martyred father was the most touching moment. The picture evoked strong emotions and sympathy for the girl across India. Gurmehar, the very same girl has evoked mixed Read More…

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Curse of Holidays

February 28, 2017 Guest Authors 0

Holiday An extended period of leisure or recreation, especially spent on away from home or in travelling Is a day when a person has no work to do that is going to pay The work Read More…

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Chalta Hai Attitude – Dual Approach

February 12, 2017 Robin 0

While government under Modi will continue to do whatever is required, as citizens we also need to come out of Chalta Hai Attitude. I remember one video clip of Dr Kalam where he says the Read More…

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Should Media be brought under RTI?

February 10, 2017 Robin 0

Executive, Legislature, Judiciary and Media, all have important role to play in nation building. However, the media has not been sincere in their duty towards the Nation. Exceptions are there but they are countable. What Read More…

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