April 19, 2019
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Where and How to buy Flat

September 3, 2016 Robin 0

A lot is written by experts consistently from real estate industry. The developers, promoters, property management companies like JLL, CBRE,  etc. The inputs were valuable without doubt. Issue is what does the common connect with? Read More…

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भादो का महीना

August 26, 2016 Guest Authors 1

बीत गया  सावन  का महीना, बोल – बम  बिन  लागें   सूना। कदम    बढ़ाकर    धीरे – धीरे, आ  गया  भादो  का  महीना । बालकृष्ण  का  जन्म  दिवस, इसी    माह    में     आएगा । मटकी  फोड़ने हर कान्हा Read More…

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How Safe is Your Housing Society? Part 2

August 3, 2016 Robin 0

Buying a home is a costly affair. I have observed some buyers are far more better in making optimum use of the space. At times I think these brains should be in some Intelligence or with Defence service. These Read More…