May 27, 2019

1: What Next?

While authors always get noticed for the articles they write, there are few on social media who are not authors but are doing equally great job in doing constructive work for the society and Nation. @KiranKS  comes from that class. Sharing a small but very crisp open survey he has recently done.

I asked a couple of days back: 

One Rank One Pension (OROP) – Done. 
One Nation One Tax (GST) – Done. 
What should the next big goal for PM Narendra Modi?

These are the 23 main suggestions I received on FB and Twitter. Many excellent ideas. Thanks to all friends. Hope our government is watching and will pick up a few of these are priority for PMO India for 2018.

1) One Nation One Personal Law – Uniform Civil Code, Uniform Marriage, inheritance and child policy for all Indians.

2) One Nation One Curriculum – Educational Reforms, Uniform syllabus, Repeal RTE, Repeal minority-only scholarships.

3) One Nation Equal Job Opportunity – Revival of Rural Economy and Job creation, Repeal caste based promotions.

4) One Nation One Constitution – Abolishing Article 370

5) One Nation Uniform Political Spending – Cashless and Transparent election spending.

6) One Nation One Election Cycle – Club State and National Elections to same cycle.

7) One Nation One Rule for Religious Places – Either bring Mosques and Churches under government, or release temple control.

8) One Nation Uniform Opportunity – Reservation policy should be for very poor and for one generation only.

9) One Nation Uniform Real Estate Market – Bring in Real Estate reforms, remove benami property, make housing affordable.

10) One Nation Transparent Judicial Recruitment – Bring Judicial reforms. Make Judge selection transparent & accountable.

11) One Nation Transparent Media – Bring media reforms and curb dubiously funded propaganda machines.

12) One Nation One Language Policy – Make a sensible language formula where one language is not pampered with tax money.

13) One Nation Top Governance – Setup up speedy system to put corrupt in jail. Weed out politics and judiciary from corrupt. Get Government out of running businesses.

14) One Nation One Agriculture market – Bring agriculture reforms, Save farmers; Digitally enabled single agri market.

15) One Nation One Healthcare – Make healthcare affordable for the poor, while giving choices for the middle class and rich.

16) One Nation One Credit – Make credit policy to big industries, MSMEs, Women more easy and practical.

17) One Nation One City Standard – Make Smart and AMRUT city projects super success. Cities should be of global standard.

18) One Nation One Duty – Fight cheap imports that is killing Indian small industries.

19) One Nation One Tax Credit – Give better tax benefits to states that are contributing more tax to Indian government.

20) One Nation One Population Policy – States should be punished for missing Family Planning targets; Standard for everyone.

21) One Nation One Income Tax – Bring more people into income tax net, but reduce tax rates; Less than 1.5% pay tax today.

22) One Nation One River Policy – Link rivers and help reduce floods and droughts at the same time; Desalination projects.

23) One Nation One Respect – Rebuild the destroyed Ayodhya Ram temple and restore the self respect of Indic civilization.

24) One Nation One LAW for arresting rich and poor.

Content taken and published here with permission from Kiran KS facebook page.

Picture Credit: Rishabh’s Lens


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