May 24, 2019

#110Days – About Me and My Solo Ride

Day 1 - 444 Kms Covered

butterfly park_silvassaTrees can be replanted or new forests can be created with some efforts. But small insects, bird nests and life around them can never be replaced. 

Who Am I – I am an Indian. …..Period

During my journey of 29 states, 4 Union Territories I shall share my knowledge, learn from others and also share the same with all. I shall also focus on Nature and obviously on culture of each of the region that I pass.

January 21, 2017 is an important day for me and my family, friends and colleagues. I want to do simple things and make difference to the society. I am very proud that everyone has supported and showed faith in what I wanted to do…………40,000 kms and SOLO. Few thousands kms plus or minus depending on the actual journey.

Will keep sharing updates and random thoughts as frequently as possible. As I write this post, thoughts on journey for Day 2 are also knocking regularly. So much to see, hear, absorb, share and use the same for life as well.

Why Solo Ride?

For all of you it’s a SOLO Ride but for me I am not going SOLO. Nature and lovely people are with me in this journey. We tend to respect machines more than the man. Service them at regular intervals and also keep ourselves prepared for contingency. Let us do the same for all living things.

kmsDay 1 has motivated me more than I had anticipated. I know there might be tough days at times but I will not be alone. I am at HOME. I am in my country.

Ignore my grammar :-)) and do keep sharing your inputs, if any.

Thanks a ton to my Seniors and well wishers. News n Views and 1 Ka Dum Foundation for continued support.

Good Night.