April 19, 2019

#110Days – Day 11 Update

January 31, 2017

Day 11 reached Jaipur. Spent time meeting locals and visiting few places. What I realize is people though busy they do find time to communicate and understand purpose of move Bharat Darshan. They do have interest in Nation building. Have a lot of concern for my Solo journey. I am no one. Yet people have concern. Some elderly give safety tips as if I am their own child. I have written all this for the purpose of sharing but difficult to jot down the exact feeling so people have. This country is great. Not that I just realised now but it is always pleasure to feel it when you are not in your home state, not between your own known circle of friends.

Going forward my journey would be haphazard. Next stop Ujjain. Bhole Baba ka Darshan. Surprised …….. Rajasthan and now Madhya Pradesh suddenly. Well I am covering close to 40,000 kms at one go and setting up one route map as well for future bike riders. Some experiments will continue. What is life without surprises.

Some pictures of Pink City.



The score is pretty low, will still share. Just 200 kms.

Next stop Ujjain. Battery is giving some problem. Will have to take the bike for servicing there itself. Next update from Ujjain or probably Bhopal.