April 23, 2019

#110Days – Day 12 and 13 (Ujjain)

February 1 and 2, 2017

Day 12 and 13 in Ujjain. Gave my bike for some preventive maintenance. Had enough time to visit lots of places in and around Ujjain. Introduced myself to lot of locals and had great discussion and got information of interest to all.

Allow me to share the same with pictures.

Farms at Malikhedi Village, Ujjain.

These farms have Garlic, Lemon Trees, Mustard, Paalak, Wheat. One local and friend helped me visit all these places.

IMG-20170202-WA0060 IMG-20170202-WA0063 IMG-20170202-WA0064 IMG-20170202-WA0065 IMG-20170202-WA0066





















Kalidas Academy.


Scindia Kothi is now Collector Office.


Gopal Temple


Gadh Kalika TempleIMG-20170202-WA0078 IMG-20170202-WA0079 IMG-20170202-WA0080

Very Sacred place ….. Picture self explanatory.

IMG-20170202-WA0081 IMG-20170202-WA0082

Visit to Ujjain is incomplete without taking blessings from Bhole Baba.  Mahakaleshwar Temple.


Distance covered is 579 to be precise. :-))