April 24, 2019

#110Days – Day 14

February 3, 2017

Ujjain to Bhopal was a pleasant journey. This belt is famous for tasty food again. One thing that I promised myself not to indulge. Better be safe than sorry, when you are alone.

Each city has something unique to take away in terms of memories. Sharing some very very interesting pictures.

This is from Tribal Museum Bhopal.

bhopal IMG-20170203-WA0061 IMG-20170203-WA0062 IMG-20170203-WA0066 IMG-20170203-WA0067 IMG-20170203-WA0068 IMG-20170203-WA0069 IMG-20170203-WA0070 IMG-20170203-WA0071 IMG-20170203-WA0072 IMG-20170203-WA0074 IMG-20170203-WA0075 IMG-20170203-WA0076 IMG-20170203-WA0077 IMG-20170203-WA0078 IMG-20170203-WA0079 IMG-20170203-WA0081 IMG-20170203-WA0083 IMG-20170203-WA0084 IMG-20170203-WA0085 IMG-20170203-WA0086 IMG-20170203-WA0087 IMG-20170203-WA0088 IMG-20170203-WA0089 IMG-20170203-WA0090 IMG-20170203-WA0091 IMG-20170203-WA0092 IMG-20170203-WA0093 IMG-20170203-WA0094 IMG-20170203-WA0095 IMG-20170203-WA0096 IMG-20170203-WA0097 IMG-20170203-WA0098









































































































With locals who wanted to share their love and care on my way to Bhopal.


Total 370 kms for the day. Reached Nagpur. Tomorrow will be heading to Hyderabad. Good Night.