April 21, 2019

#110Days – Day 3

January 23, 2017

As part of my own protocol started early. Slightly cold but soon forgot everything the moment the sound of running motor bike joined my breath. Firm yet gentle grip on the handle and thoughts on meeting new friends and finding new surprises nature has in store for me. Towards the end of the day lot of memories to cherish.

Here is the summary of what kept me busy today.

Dholera Bhavnagar Road.




New friends and guide. This has to be experienced. The way people of all age group come across and cheer and ask questions is amazing. I am Indian You are Indian. Nothing else. One single rope holding us together.




Passed by lot of such trees spread over 2 odd kilometers. Absolutely pleasant sight and feeling. On purpose slowed down my motor bike speed to enjoy more of it.


diuwatch tower


Night stay at Somnath. Net speed at times is a problem. Friends and well wishers you will have to bear up with me for untimely posts and update.

bikeBy the way today I clocked 388 Kms…

Smiles …….