May 23, 2019

#110Days – Day 4 Update

January 24, 2017

Day 4 started on a positive note from Somnath and Bhole Baba Blessings.

1st halt at Sasangir, after that Devaliya Park. Met a group of tourists from Veena Travel. Bus safari at Park, spotted Lion Leapard and Deers.

Next was Junagadh, where I visited Uparkot Fort. Night stay at Anjar City near Bhuj.

Now time to allow the pictures to do rest of talking.


I am told that in 2010 census there were 410 Lions and now it has over 524 Lions. The census is done every 5 years.


This goes in my valuable collection.


#110Days_2The area is really huge and I was eager to see Lions without wasting time. One well wisher advised me to visit Devaliya Park. The area is small and chances of spotting Lions are good. After spending time here went there and was lucky to see them and click few pictures.




Uparkot Fort

The fort is a symbol of pride for many reasons. From planning and civil engineering point of view this has most of the elements. It has resources like water tanks and food grain storage to last for twelve years. And then a well with stair case Navghan Kuva , A well with steps surrounding it which could hide a large army. This is believed to be built by Solanki of the Chalukya Dynasty in 11th and 12th Century. Phew… unbelievable yet true.

#110Days #110Days_4

Very nice feeling when people meet and they want to know the purpose of my Bharat Darshan and yes they never forget to take photograph with me. Would be great if I can inspire even one citizen to take up such a journey for some other purpose. So much to see, learn, unlearn in India itself.


With Anjar Police Officers


Fields en route to Junagadh


Have some more pics to upload, will do it tomorrow. Need to have dinner and take some much deserved sleep.

And before a sign off my daily report. End of Day 473 kms.