May 24, 2019

#110Days – Day 5 Update

Day 5 – Wanted to continue with the journey but realised I had to get motor bike for mandatory servicing. Did the needful and went for Rann Utsav and meeting people.

KUTCH is an amazing place.

Famous music composer Kalyanji and Anandji have roots from Kutch. To my surprise the Hotel owner spoke to me in Marathi. When I asked him more about his background, he shared something interesting. During the Britishers era a lot of maharshtrians community people went to Gujrat for various contracting work. Some of them settled there. And that is how there is a sizeable number of marathi speaking population but their origin is Kutchi. Members of these contracting group from Kutch are spread all over India even today. And they speak Marathi. Interesting isn’t it?

Some pictures as always.

#110Days_1 Camel IMG-20170125-WA0062 IMG-20170125-WA0064 IMG-20170125-WA0066 Rann








Will start my onwards journey and hopefully enter Rajasthan border tomorrow. Will it be a night stay at Mount Abu or one more night in Gujrat, will have to see.

Wishing all Happy Republic Day.

Jai Hind.