April 19, 2019

#110Days – One month of Solo Ride

One month of journey is completed. A journey which began on Jan 21, 2017 from Mumbai has given me lot of knowledge, lot of friends, lot experiences, removed lot of fears, lot of hidden treasures in our Bharat.

By the time I finish my second month and return to Mumbai I have no clue what all I see and gain. There have been few days when I covered over 450 kms in a day and few when I did around 200 kms (thats against my wish) and exceptional days when I was compelled to take a break for maintenance of my bike.

I am fit and never had any issue so far with my health, keeping fingers crossed. Almost all places have something unique to eat and as precaution I keep my urge to eat under control. I taste new food and that’s about it. Difficult but no choice. May be one day in future I shall venture to try Taste of India exclusively. This time the purpose is different.

Let me share some select pictures of my solo ride so far.

Just before Flag off.


Rann Utsav, Gujrat


Why talk about Great wall of China. Kumbhalgarh. This is Kumbhal Garh Fort. The walls of the fort extend over 38 km. Great Maharana Pratap was born here. I am pretty sure some would definitely know this but many wouldn’t know this information. Even I was not aware.



Brahmaji Temple, Pushkar


Pink City




Tribal museum, Bhopal


My journey most important visit. Amar Jawan Jyoti, Delhi


Seeing this signage itself makes you think a lot.


One month and I have completed 8 states, 2 UT. Over 11,000 kms. Reached Shimla.  Next stop Dehra doon.

shimla2 shimla1


Journey continues, update will be haphazard 🙂 but sooner or later will share pictures for sure. Once the journey is over, will share video as well.

Jai Hind.