May 23, 2019

15 Lakh

15 lakh is a large number and in the political landscape of Indian politics, this large number represents not one but two landmark in the distant horizon. The distance though short but would take another 2 years to reach, ie., the 2019 General Elections of India. The number is associated with two of the greatest politicians that India has ever produced. One is Modi and the other is Kejriwal.

The media has successfully ensured that a fake statement of 15 lakh will be deposited in everyone’s account is attached to Modi, even though a very distant meaning statement is made by Rajnath Singh. Amit Shah has even said that it was a jumla but all the opposition parties keep taunting the alleged Suit Boot Ki Sarkar about its promise of depositing the amount into people’s account. The BJP has successfully ensured that they would not drive home their point of view but has meekly surrendered to the false narrative. Who would believe that media is weak. But the man on the street is delighted to work and make a living except for the senior citizen students of JNU and FTII and a few other communists.

Kejriwal has promised 15 Lakh CCTVs and that is a very high number for the city state of Delhi and this media demigod has not made much effort to fulfill this personal jumla. Neither the propaganda machinery popularly called news channels, have ever questioned their demigod about the promise he directly made in his manifesto. But the media demigod has never bothered to clarify whether the statement in the manifesto is a jumla or whether the count includes all the CCTVs that would be implemented by all players in the city of Delhi and not by government only.

But the propaganda machinery has ensured that that the number 15 lakh sticks only to Modi and not to Kejriwal. If Modi ever questions Kejriwal about the 15 lakh CCTVs, Kejriwal will most likely question back Modi about 15 lakh promise. Modi will have silence at his end, and the media ensures that this silence is a deaft of Modi and acceptance by Modi about his fake promises, which in Modi’s case was not his in the first place. The media will ensure that their demigod is protected by all means and this number does not stick to him.

Whatever Kejriwal does is not as simple as it looks and there is a madness in his methods.

Picture Credit Zee News


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