May 24, 2019

SphereHead with Modi

After passport mata’s u-turn drama, I felt the need to talk to man who is at the center of the whole range of controversies related to the government. It is none other than Modi and I decided to meet him and get his know point of view.  A day-dream is what lead to most interesting meet and it went as follows:

SphereHead: Hello Sir

Modi: Our government has opened bank accounts, provided gas cylinders, electrical connections…..

SphereHead: Sir, I have not started my questions

Modi: We have constituted SIT on black money on the first day of our government…

SphereHead: Sir

Modi: We have done demonetization to break the naxals, terrorists…

SphereHead: Modiji

Modi: We have implemented GST, International Solar alliance…..

SphereHead: Dadri, Akhlaq, Aurangzeb, Church attacks, …..

Modi: ……..

SphereHead: I hope now we can discuss something useful

Modi: Our government has ensured that North East is developed…

SphereHead: Sir, a minute

Modi: Our government has been helping minorities in every way we can …..

SphereHead: Demolition of ancient structures in Varanasi…

Modi: ……..

SphereHead: Ok, the stone pelters are striking at will against the soldiers, what’s your view?

Modi: I have always believed that Guns and talks cannot go together and hence our government did not go ahead with the pressures of talks with Pakistan.

SphereHead: But my question was about stone pelting terrorists?

Modi: They are kids who are misguided, they are Gandhians with stones.

SphereHead: But the stones are deadly when they hit a soldier.

Modi: It is the price we have to pay for Nehruvian policies.

SphereHead: But the current government is led by you and you can change the policy as per your election agenda that is removal of 370 etc.

Modi: …….

SphereHead: Why do not you talk about 370 now?

Modi: Look it is very easy to do the talking but difficult to some implementation. I have worked with those people who cannot draft one policy right. I want demonetization and what they have achieved? Demonezation of Modi. Can we exepect a sane draft of policy about anything?

SphereHead: But you can take the help of Nationalists who are more than willing to help.

Modi: There are too many laws and rules and breaking them is disrespect to Ambedkar.

SphereHead: But Ambedkar himself did not want 370 and you can claim to be fulfilling the wish of Ambedkar.

Modi: Already Ambedkar is a demigod and if we do something like you tell, then he would be the omnipotent prophet and it will become even greater mess. Hence we have to do something in a way that does not touch Ambedkar.

SphereHead: So you are worried about the SCs and STs,.

Modi: No, they are our brothers but what I am worried are the rice bag converts wandering the streets of our nation creating fissures in our society.

SphereHead: With Doval, you could clamp down on these elements at least in the states ruled by you?

Modi: Do you think it is possible to work with jealous colleagues who want to spite you in more than one way just because I have become the PM ahead of others? BJP may be cadre based party but not all are equal.

SphereHead: You can take the help of RSS in solving the differences and pursuing the nationalistic agenda.

Modi: One blabber mouth guy was loaned to us and he has messed up a lot and his value comes because of his wide spread contacts and he has become more painful than useful.

SphereHead: So RSS cannot help you?

Modi: RSS can help but they think their role is very limited just like the margadarshak mandal and when they get angry for some reasons they can sit tight and wreak havoc to our fortunes.

SphereHead: So BJP is at logger heads with the RSS over certain policy issues.

Modi: The public stand of RSS on a variety of issues creates confusion and inspite of being a pracharak for several years I have no clarity on several issues.

SphereHead: I have there a way forward

Modi: There is a way forward, Look at this glass…..

SphereHead: I got it, but the point is that there is an increasing  perception that Hindus are being discriminated by the courts and you are not doing anything in this matter..

Modi: lol. I wonder which hindus you are talking about? There are hindus who support and there are those who do not support us and those who do not support means they support the agenda of other parties which is discrimination against Hindus themselves.

SphereHead: So you are saying that the discrimination is the self imposed penalty by the Hindus, and you have no role to play in it.

Modi: Just because you have given me majority in this elections does not mean you have forgotten your own past. It is the people who wanted these discriminations and have given power to the party that brought the discriminations. We have not said in as many terms about bringing equality to all but we have promised that appeasement of none.

SphereHead: But your minority specific expenditure implies that you are doing extreme appeasement.

Modi: That minority specific spending is needed by the Ministry of Minority affairs and we have to take care of them too as they are also Indians and we the Indian government.

SphereHead: But the opposition parties always work to their core vote banks and you tend to work for the sake of all.

Modi: Our mantra is Sab ka Saath, Sab ka Vikas and hence we work in that direction.

SphereHead: ….

Modi: See, you are at loss of words and this is an indication that all your doubts are based on a bias against the minorities.

SphereHead: Sorry, I was at loss of words because of the incoherence of your government’s acts. On one hand you say appeasement of none and on the other hand you spend exorbitantly on a few groups.

Modi: Everyone has the right to progress and not all actions needed to be based on vote bank politics. You might have heard about a second generation lady IAS officer from reservation category and this is Saab ka Saath Saab ka Vikas.

SphereHead: What is in it for the Hindus?

Modi: What is not there for the average Indian?

SphereHead: Ok, speaking plainly, do you believe the constitution is discriminating against the Hindus and do you plan to bring in equality of laws?

Modi: Not possible because the people of this country want discrimination and that is what they tend to get.

SphereHead: How can you say it? People have been voting you for better lives and equality.

Modi: No, we have never promised equality and we cannot deliver on it. There are no doubts about it.

SphereHead: What are people voting you for?

Modi: People are voting for prosperity and vikas and the law and order.

SphereHead: Ok, Modi. Now I am at loss of words because you have such clarity of thought and are working really well as per your agenda of brining vikas.

Modi: No, when there are sufficient people who demand equality then it will be delivered but I believe that the time is not yet ripe for such a requirement because only a few know the difference.

SphereHead: When will the time for equality come?

Modi: The time will come when we say it came and till then it is either us or the others in the field of politics.

SphereHead: I am disappointed by your lack of conviction about bringing equality and your appeasement of minorities.

Modi: It is more about your hate because of the history and you have to come out of it. The laws were made in some circumstances and many parties oppose BJP if we try to bring in equality. The judiciary is untouchable meaning that they are working as per their own wished and you too know it.

SphereHead: So we have to suffer for more time.

Modi: It has become a habit and a bit more time will not do much difference.

SphereHead: So what is the way ahead.

Modi: We put money in people’s hands and people should organize themselves and demand for parity and until then this will continue. People should take huge rallies not seeking reservations but demanding equality, parity of laws and till then there will be no change.

SphereHead: But the minorities have never done any of these and yet the governments have favoured them.

Modi: Can the Hindus deliver their votes based on the confirmation of a few leaders? There is no collective bargaining in the Hindus and its proof exists in the constitution.

SphereHead: Do you consider collective bargaining a good tactic?

Modi: No, but in the existing scenario of various agents and agendas running simultaneously in the various arms of the constitution, there is no other way.

SphereHead: You accept that are several agents and agendas running in our nation.

Modi: Ofcourse we know everything.

SphereHead: But you do not act and any specific reason?

Modi: If we attack the agents, their masters can wreak havoc on our economy and the same ones who are demanding equality claim that there is havoc in the economy. If all the alleged supporters promise that they are willing to eat grass and do not expect anything else and continue to work doubly harder to establish a equal opportunity society, then the government can start to work on it.

SphereHead: Hindu society cannot make such a promise.

Modi: Modi cannot bring equality in such a case.

SphereHead: Back to the same question, the appeased section of the constitution never demanded and yet they get all the benefits.

Modi: You should have seen the way in which they live and yet follow their leaders in delivering votes. Nothing will matter except but the collective bargain on the streets.

SphereHead: Do you expect Hindus to be on the streets.

Modi: No, it cannot be possible because most of their leaders are highly compromised and a few are now starting to come out of their cultural coma which is a good thing.

SphereHead: Ok, Mr.Modi thanks for your time and I promise to get back to you soon to get more specific answers the next time.

Modi: ……..

SphereHead: Vandemataram  Jai hind….

Modi: ….

SphereHead: Sir, why did not say your favorite words?

Modi: its Friday and time.

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