May 24, 2019

SphereHead meets BlackCoats

Packing a 10 kg box of crackers along with a few sweets I decided to meet my favorite BANNERS. The great unholy Black Coats of India. Before I could reach within 2 km radius of the BlackCoats, the state police have checked stopped and after checking the box I was having booked me in a case of smuggling fire arms similar to the case of one famous Dutt. I hoped that I could get bail to attend various parties and festivities but when I was made to stand in the hall of the BlackCoats at 13:00 hours the next day I wondered why I did not get the privilege of entering the hall of BlackCoats at midnight. Feeling happy to get the darshan of the almighty BlackCoats, I hoped to continue the rest of my journey and meet my favorite BANNERS by evening.

Before the lawyer tried to speak, the BlackCoat walked out holding his phone and then came back a couple of hours later and told that my case was not important at the moment. I wondered what other case was important and as the police started to drag me out, a sobbing lady came into the court holding an imported dog in her hands and pleaded to the BlackCoats that the terrorists be jailed as the cute doggy was frightened and that it’s right to life was violated. The BlackCoats have immediately arranged for 13 member bench in the hall and quickly decided that the terrorists have no right to life and they be hanged till death immediately. The one BlackCoat who was sitting in a tall chair had moist eyes and he walked near to the imported dog, and patted its head and told the lady that the dog would get its rights come what may.

As I was being dragged out, I almost fainted knowing that I too might end at the edge of the rope but remembering the Dutt guy I still had some hope. The police locked me up in the jail like forever and when the doors of the jail opened, I could barely stand because it had been a couple of decades that the courts have decided to not hear my case on an urgent basis. During the couple of decades I was given a lot of offers and chances to plead mercy by jail tutors with long white gowns to take up the right god for quick deliverance. I hoped to meet the kind hearted pappu and his sister but no important person came to see me. Not even the terrorist supporters and their puppets ever dared to talk to me and I was left sulking and I was still worried about the precious box of crackers which I wanted to give as a gift to my favorite BlackCoat. The police lifted me up and put me down in a wheelchair and took me to the court.

Before I could leave the jail, I was given oxygen mask with thick rubber coat to cover the wheel chair. For a moment I feared that I would be gassed and killed but a moment later I realized that everyone was walking like some aliens with cylinders on their backs and some thick polymer suit. The weakness in my body made me to think for a moment that I was hallucinating. I was taken away though the large door in a dark rubber coat and when I was put down it was bright lit hall and at the end I could a row of BlackCoats smiling with a large pile of around 1 lakh pages next to them. I tried to hear the small sounds coming from that end and after a few moments I realized that it was a judgment regarding the need to save the environment and the methods to be followed. In front of the BlackCoats, I saw a guy in saffron clothes taking notes about the laws to be implemented in quick time to ensure that the dogs get their right to life.

For a moment I thought I was dreaming but the barking of various imported dogs made me realize that it was all real. A few more steps and I realized that I was standing in a long line of dogs waiting for justice and at that moment the evidences of the dogs was being collected to decide upon the important matter. A dog was sitting in the box and various wires were connected to it and a monitor was showing various readings and the BlackCoats were looking at each other with happiness on their faces. The dogs were wagging their tails. After checking 50 or more dogs this way, a huge trolley was dragged into the middle of the room and the BlackCoats too barked and the other dogs howled in appreciation.  I wondered about the method of communication between the dogs and BlackCoats. I admired the efforts of BlackCoats to learn the language of dogs in all these years because in the olden days the BlackCoats only knew English and conducted their business only in English. It took a couple of hours for the hall to get empty and be filled with humans.

An advocate pulled his papers out of his bag and was about to say something and the BlackCoat sitting in a tall chair told that he cannot hear the case and he would give some other date. The police quickly packed me in the rubber coat and took me out and I was back in the same cell and I thought that I might never see the hall again in my life. I wondered what would have happened to the box of crackers and sweets.

(This is a piece of imagination of a cracker terrorist and is part of his FOE).


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