May 19, 2019

2019 and Courts

2019 elections are coming closer and the secular bhajans have got more frequent and louder. To add to the chorus of secular bhajans, there are hymns of various caste, language and a host of other divisive groups. While most are not heard clearly and are lost in the noises of the non melodious secular bhajans, some are getting amplified by the friendly courts. The 2019 elections might be the only elections where the courts have unofficially entered into an alliance with the opposition parties to defeat a democracy friendly incumbent government. This might be the only government that is harassed by the courts for doing something good for the last man in the long secular queue of government subsidies. Even though people not in-queues complain about the queues for government subsidies and actions, there are virtually no sounds about the longer queues for the luxuries. That is another matter and might not affect the elections.

In the run up to the 2019 elections the formation of the Maha-thug-Bhandhan remains a mystery but the courts are bringing arch rivals together by giving them something to cheer. The opposition parties are not able to realize that they too would be screwed by the court in due course. The courts want to be the Sonia to the Government which would be the MMS of the discredited UPA. The similarity runs much deeper. Like the NGOdom otherwise called NAC to the Sonia, the courts are also guided and advised by a pliant PILdom to give directions to the government. While Sonia chose only a particular kind of NGOs to assist her in her great game of destruction, the courts too have been choosing particular kinds of PILs in their great game of democracy destruction. With Pappu failing to fire the imagination of the public in a serious manner, the courts have upped their game.

The father-son duo are given such a large relief that it would make the post man wonder if he too should have scammed in hundreds of crores instead of a few tens of rupees to be out of jail? The mother of the gangrape victim would be wondering if the rights of her daughter are worth naught in the eyes of the court? The children would be left wondering if their festival is so dangerous to the environment and not the smoke emitted by hundreds of industries and automobiles? If the communists have brainwashed a few generation of Indians, the courts are continuing the same policy of insulting the peaceful dharma of the majority population. While claiming to be over burdened with cases, the courts are finding time in intellectual debates of zeroth order – definitions of chappal, nature of aloo bonda, essential practices of religion, constitutional immorality, etc.

With little knowledge and intent to help the government untangle the policy mess of the UPA, the courts have decided to stretch their wild imagination. In the near future they may also decide the interest rate which is now being done by the RBI? It might also ask for a sealed cover from RBI explaining their methodology to calculate the interests of the public? The courts might also ask a sealed cover questioning the government about the choice and procedure for the governors, a host of other nominated/selected members to the various entities? The forever friend of courts might assist the court in finding the names of members to be nominated which could also be sent by the courts to the government for due consideration in their infinite wisdom. More than anyone else, the courts seem to be eagerly waiting for the 2019 elections because it is also their survival of joblessness in a different way. If sonia loses it doesnot cause any harm to the courts, but if they lose, then they might have to work in a serious manner for which they have no competence.

The lack of competence in the courts is obvious because the procedure of selection and elevation of members of courts remains mysterious and ever changing and also is not subject to debate and scrutiny by the people. Here people include those for whom the democracy exists to protect the interests of the largest number of people.  Many people might discuss the about the various parties in the 2019 elections and but forget the fact that the courts are also part of these elections in a big way with their mysterious interventions over a number of crucial issues. It has only started with the fighter jets and more might follow suit. The OROP issue too might go the courts in order to demoralize the forces. The courts might take up the various reservation issues to give Blow to Modi. Earlier it was the discredited media that was giving blows to Modi but now the courts will play their part like a good little boy of the aliens.

The 2004 elections saw the desertion of allies from the BJP for a variety of issues and this time it would be the judicial issues that might cause voters to become anti-Modi. Are the voters able to see through the dangerous games played the courts or the voters flock along the garden path laid by the courts straight up to the secular hell? The ball is in Modi’s court to tell the people about the obstructions that are created in his work by the courts themselves in a highly arbitrary manner. A lot of failure in law making rests at Modi’s feet and the courts too have played in their part in creating this situation of law making paralysis. Courts are becoming agents of increasing anti-Modi votes. The question remains, whether the courts succeed or the voters will see through the duplicity?

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