May 24, 2019

2019 Elections- Agenda

The sound of Modi’s name in areas of political, secular forces is only good for hearing to Modi fans and it does not help the party in many ways because many Indians continue to vote based on the short term benefits. The education system was supposed to inculcate a sense of nationalistic pride and patriotism in each of the citizen but in reality the educating system in putting seeds of treachery. The gods of Bharat have been very kind to the citizens because we have seen how the progressed nations have intellectual terrorists who have been hell bent on destroying their nations. In that context the educated intellectual terrorists of Bharat pale in comparison. The people of Bharat owing to their lethargy have not progressed to a state of permanent degeneracy of the west nor have we developed in the ways our ancestors would have expected us to. We are in situation where there are pulls of all kinds but the inherent lethargy allows us to sit tight and move on at the snail’s pace while we continue to remain at peace with most of the things.

The minor irritants like the demographic inversions, cross plantations all over the sacred land did not affect our peaceful lives. The breakdown of our primary education systems, loot of natural resources, non existence of power, water, fresh air and other basic services have not even caused a bit of worry in our minds and we have remained at peace with the world in hope that there might be a day when a knight in shining armor would solve all our problems. Few people are hoping that the knight had already arrived but a few others are trying to convince the citizens of Bharat that the Knight had not yet arrived and it is for the identity of the Knight that the 2019 elections would be fought and the precursor to the elections have been already seen. Most of the experts have opined that elections of 2019 would be one of the nastiest in the recent times and it as per the expectations of the common citizens who are now accustomed to it..

2019 elections are a bit different from those of the previous elections apart from the nastiness because the person in power is neither from THE FAMILY nor has been born of any mass agitations. The elections will be fought on the performance of a person who had a track record of being 12 years in power in state level and who had worked for 5 years at the central level to the best of his abilities. There never has been such a elections at the central level of this nature in the 70 years of independent India and the opposition forces might not have any clue because they were the ones ruling India for the most part post the freedom movement. The person in power is a BJP candidate whom the supporters would like to call NaMo while his critics and liberals intellectuals grant titles as neech, scorpion, murderer, chaiwallah, etc. The groupings which want to take back the power at the center are of the belief that it is their right to rule Bharat. The person being Modi with his deputy seem to have been mastering the art of election campaign and the party doesnot seem to be get tired of being in campaign mode forever.

The elections of 2019 would be fought between Modi and people of Bharat on one side and the THE FAMILY and its dubious secular allies & vote banks on the other side and thus we can say that it will be Modi Vs REST. The problem of REST is that the FAMILY has become weak and has nothing to add value except for being the broker that would allow the various allies to make deals while allowing THE FAMILY to set the agenda of nation. The short term scheming mentality of politicians would never stop until THE FAMILY continues to wield power in the democratic scheme of things. The REST have to scrape the bottom of their secular barrels to pick up their last arsenal to fight the 2019 elections. Unlike most of the previous elections, Modi has been a administrator for too long and it is virtually impossible to throw allegations of any serious kind at him that have a tiny chance of sticking. The REST cannot hope to allow the narrative to be a positive one because the more they speak on positive agenda it would show the previous governments in poor light.

Modi would love to talk about the development agenda while several points in the manifesto would continue to be carry forwards just for the sake of electoral gains and very little can be done because of the lack of unity among the diverse groupings of the nation. Most of the development talk might be sufficient to keep the large sections of voters happy and might give Modi another term but the REST are no fools with noises already coming from their secular dens about fighting with unity by putting a single candidate against Modi’s party. This united fight by the REST would be one big hurdle and Modi’s allies of Modi would definitely want their pound of wealth. The only way to stop this from happening is the use of investigating agencies judiciously as necessary and ensures that the funds dry up leading to the breakdown of the unity among the REST. The only source of funds would be the innumerable institutions that are out of the government’s poor regulations resulting in an even more nasty campaign and the entire campaign would rest on Modi and a few of his well wishers for electoral success.

Already the REST has lost a lot of control over their vote banks with their wings clipped by the dubious alien forces and any help from the same dubious sources would lead to the death knell to future of the nation and the parties among the REST irrespective of the result. The political leaders would become the lap dogs of their funders and might not like the scenario of playing second fiddle for a long time. Also the political parties might not want to lose control over their vote banks and have to come up with something else and the only thing that is left is to divide the people using ideology. The various political parties would love to pitch the voters against one another and cause disharmony within the society in the hope of coming to power. The ideology of Breaking India would be a strong rallying point because for the REST it would solidify their control over the vote banks but the danger is that the various vote banks are already against one another and the unity among the REST would be liked by the voters only to some extent.

The Breaking India agenda would serve the dubious funding sources of the rest and their voluntary contributions cannot be neglected. The Breaking India does not exclude actions which might lead to fissures in the society over linguistic, caste, religious issues. It is this Breaking India agenda that is being tested by various parties of secular kind by their talks of forming separate country, cheen ke lenge aazadi, etc and Modi and his colleagues have failed miserably in countering the Breaking Agenda because such agenda is music to ears to some voters who form the bed rock of certain parties. The 2019 elections would be based on the unity of our nation which was once during the freedom struggle and this time people seem to be more informed and are also less slavish to womanizers and appeasers of aliens. The 2019 elections would be similar to the elections conducted for the first time post 1947 but this time there is no womanizer to change the democratic outcome.

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