March 19, 2019

2019 – The Perception War

People only see what they feel and do out of limited choices.

The 2014 was an election to put a full stop to scams and get the scamsters arrested. Next election will be on the promises made by NaMo as PM candidate.

While a lot is achieved in the first three years itself by NaMo and his team there are many unfinished agenda and few wrong decisions.

2019 will be an election on perception. How much NaMo delivered on promises?

If you see first two option they are 100 % accurate as the person who chose to tick those option belongs to the respective option. However, the remaining two are based on perception. This percentage is big and will create problem. This doesn’t mean that BJP will loose election but the effort will not result in the outcome as anticipated.

Let us discuss the same in detail now.

Few areas that I have highlighted from last year onwards is the progress on scams.  Despite BJP in power at centre there is no tangible progress of cases against Vadra in Haryana and Rajasthan. With regard to Congress we see more of Dr Swamy’s effort than the party’s own effort to pursue the cases aggressively.

A lot of hopes were built up on Demonetisation and both Lower Income Group (LIG) and Middle Income Group (MIG) supported despite difficulty but how many known names got arrested or property seized. The famous IT declaration worth crores from a small plot is just an example.

This lead to cashless transaction. Right from road side businesses to shopkeepers everyone  adapted themselves to Digital India. You can’t be penalising the people for adapting to cashless transaction. It should be free. As if banking transaction like limit on ATM withdrawl, cheque leaves etc were not enough the government went ahead and implemented minimum balance for savings account. This defeats the purpose of supporting the government. Private banks are here to squeeze and make money, what about government banks. Make money but please don’t make life miserable. Ordinary people don’t understand accounts in different economic zones and thereby different average quarterly balance. For these students it’s not perception. It’s a learning that government has taken their money. What is the compulsion? How much did you earn? Go and talk cashless transaction to these kind of people.

The government is right in saying that corrupt will be punished. Data is being analysed by IT department. But the issue is the LIG and MIG gets instant hit. They have nowhere to go. Where is the incentive to cooperate with the government despite odds.  I have seen lot of RWs who support every step of NaMO without realising that no one (his supporters)  has doubts on NaMo.

Its some policy decision that are hitting the LIG and MIG big time. There are no alternate so people will go for BJP but that weakness should not be exploited beyond a point. Six decades of damage can’t be treated in three years but the government has to remember that the support base is its patient and government a hospital. Each minister is like a specialist doctor. The doctor can’t afford to treat the patient in a cavalier way that he/she moves from wheel chair to coma.

Common man doesn’t understand numbers. Common man understands savings and borrowing at the end of month.

Let us take the case of a driver taking home a flat salary of INR 15,000 per month. He had hand to mouth situation in July 2016 and same today.  If some are claiming that there are savings after GST ( valid without doubt , yes there are) then there are no tangible savings with this driver.

Take the case of a parent with average income of INR 65,000/- last year July and same this year. This family is spending more this year. School fees have gone up, costs of other household have gone up. Here again some may pin point Tur daal earlier was __ and now ___. These kind of argumanets are good for academic interests not for reality.

Long and short of any debate is there saving ? Yes / No.

LIG and MIG has nothing to do with stock market and inflation. They know a simple calculation 1st of the month X amount credited to account. Month end how much saved or borrowed. They compare this basic fact with previous years.

Our Power Minister says power is in surplus and daily purchase cost of per unit for states is also given. So many suburbs in main cities have power outage. Forget about congress ruled states, even BJP ruled states have issues. Why?

During congress rule statements were made when petrol diesel prices were hiked. The government can’t come back and say Hey we have to make provision for subsidy, farmer loan waiver, etc. 

LIG and MIG feels cheated. Typical NaMo rally during 2014 used to have few questions:

  • Kya aapko job mila?
  • Kya mehangaai kam hui?
  • And A to Z scams narration.

As we enter into fourth year what have we to say to ourselves Achhe Din Aaney Waale Hain. 

Few problems with BJP has been highlighted in my earlier articles. These include BJP has a unique tendency to behave as loosers when they are winning (stop sending weak spokesperson to talk shows. Not important to be present on all talk shows if the topic doesn’t suit your narrative).

Their social media team are always ready to take credit for victories (remember how a front page story in HT was run after 2014 win) . It’s the selfless people who love MODI from the bottom of their heart who burn mid light oil, don’t ignore them.  Barring few, most MP MLA and Ministers are never easy to reach. I say this on record and willing to prove as undercover. Not only this Modji and Amit Shah would be shocked to hear  what some of the MLA and MP say about some of their schemes.

The image that NaMo carries demands perfection and nothing less. We did not create. Modiji created this by his work as CM in Gujrat and through his speeches in run up to 2014.

Consistent brutal killing of HINDUS and everyday humiliation can’t continue in West Bengal and Kerala in the name of democratically elected government.

People may come in defence and say how much can he do in three years. Correct. But what was the expectation created in the build up to 2014 election. Achhe Din Aaney Waale Hain. Whatever is achieved is great. But for majority of LIG and MIG a lot has to be achieved.

Perception matters and people forget good work. Government busy earning brownie points from news traders. They are running the agenda to defame government and divert attention from good work done.

Beyond perception if someone tries to give reverse GYAAN. Please don’t make fun of honest tax payers. Looks like a repeat of  Marie Antoinette “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche” (Let them eat cake).  If you cant handle situation, don’t blame and humiliate please.

With full faith in NaMO and ever consistent Dr Swamy I hope what is written by Jaggi comes true.

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