May 24, 2019

2019 – VIKAS not at cost of JUSTICE

The year 2019 will result in one of the two things listed below:

  • BJP realizing that Hindutva is equal or more important than the economic, secular agenda of the nation.
  • Realizing the resurgence powers of RSS backed BJP, the secular parties will go in for the kill using the constitution to wipe our most of the leaders and ensure that no Hindutva leader will have his spine upright.

The Italian mafia boss of the top secular party of this nation would have realized that by now making peace with few leaders in BJP is no guarantee to furthering the Joshua Project agenda or the Ghajwa-e-Hind project. Most of the political parties of India including the BJP does not seem to be worried about the two most dangerous agenda that are out to break, slice and dice the majority community. The leaders of the secular parties always go to any lengths to appease the agents of the groups leading the two mentioned agendas at play in our country which is called Bharat.

Few reasons for people in power not doing much to protect the interests of Bharat are listed below:

  • With a country filled with economically poor people who are bothered about how to fill their basic needs, the twin agendas of anti-Bharat forces do not matter. Even some of the poor might be working for the anti-Bharat forces so that their basic needs are fulfilled in the end might end up fighting against the forces of Bharat.
  • In a nation of brain washed zombies such as the ones in JNU ably supported by a section of black coats who see no danger in statements by certain groups, there is no benefit in going after any traitors. The definition of traitors is so muddled that it becomes impossible to distinguish a traitor from a patriot because of the various issues such as caste, gender, religion, etc. Each sub-group has its own agenda against the other subgroup over various historical issues.
  • The need of the government servants to do little work so that their private wealth increases has been the biggest enabler of the anti-Bharat forces. These allegedly public servants are neither prosecuted nor packed off on similar lines of private workers. It thus becomes the biggest resource consuming entity delivering very little. This situation leads to point 1 mentioned above and there is no ending.

Before 2019 there was 2014. Before the 2014 general elections there was too much noise and most of the people of Bharat were not happy with the loot of the public resources. These same people are now not worried about the corruption and the indication of this is the continued survival of the top most secular parties and other secular parties. The people have no ideology regarding what they expect and thus the political leadership too is confused regarding what to deliver to the people as part of the promises made during the election campaign. Even though people are not bothered about the intricacies of the government agencies, the people can understand the end result and when the result is contrary to the expectation there shall be huge dissatisfaction among the voters which may lead to unpredictable results in the elections. The election results are the only thing everyone is bothered because it makes or breaks the wealth making capacity of some agents of the government.

The 2014 elections were fought primary on the issue of the corruption and there were more than enough indications of promise of delivering justice. NaMo has even promised to be the protector of the wealth of the nation and based on his past record and the myths people have accepted the same. But NaMo forgot one important thing which the people will not support after making promises of delivering justice. What perplexes most people is the ability of BJP government and their leaders in not supporting the anti-corruption crusaders and whistle blowers of corruption cases. Also the words spoken by acclaimed journalists such as Kanchan Guptaji, J Gopikrishnanji, Minhaz Merchant etc does not seem to have any effect on the thinking processes of the political leaders of BJP and also the leader of BJP. The various political leaders seem to be living in cuckoo’s land surrounded by psychopants who show a pseudo-reality for the sake of keeping the leaders happy.

The recently concluded Gujarat elections indicate that people are buying the Modi’s growth story. But Modi’s ammunition seems to be going empty. His VIKAS Barrel has gone empty already and now with the recent 2G judgment his Corruption By Congress weapon is neutralized. The LPG-Airtel scam,  2G judgment and now Adarsh judgement combined with the elevation of a leader to the top post of the most secular party gives an indication that the NaMo has enough enemies close to him who are stabbing him in the back. In the next election campaign if the leader of the most secular party questions Modi about the return of Black Money which the SC is sitting on with piles of sealed covers, the acquittal of leaders of friends of corrupt party in 2G then NaMo will end up with a egg on his face. But the supporters who have put their heart and soul in support of NaMo will definitely have an dinosaur’s egg on their face which Modi is not bothered because he might say that people can make omelet and sell to move up in life. Modi must realize that not everyone can build walls using bricks thrown at them and not everyone can make omelets with eggs on face. The latter action are being performed by several of the friends of Modi in various areas.

The supporters of BJP in general and Modi in particular definitely want VIKAS but that is not the end of it. VIKAS is not the solution of the various issues faced by the Indians in general and BJP people in particular. People want protection from anti-Bharat forces and also there ought to be punishment to the people trying to destroy Bharat. The Modi government is also stopping people from taking action on the streets to protect Bharat and criticizes its own people while it turns a blind eye to the sufferings of its people. This duplicity of actions by the BJP leaders can continue as long as the Hindutva groups have varying agenda. The Hindutva groups should speak in one voice with a common minimum program with clear priorities and only then we can hope Modi could be pinned by all the Hindutva groups. The presence of contradictions within the Hindutva groups makes BJP and Modi to use the Hindutva card election after election to gain support because of the TINA factor. The other thing to remember is that the neo-Hindutva icons such as Yogi could come only because of Modi is the PM.

But the icon of honesty should at least spare time to think about the people who toiled for him. He may be a person of different mettle and aspirations but his supporters are simple humans with simpler aspirations and it is high time Modi comes down to his supporters’ level and deliver on his election promises. VIKAS should happen but not at the cost of JUSTICE. One good friend told me “Robin all is fair in politics, it’s important for survival. Why do you keep objecting and even discuss all this?” to which I replied “If you carry an image of Dharmatma then you got to reward your loyal party workers, instead of picking up turn coats who have made fortune by corruption?” Come 2019 election campaign the issues with Modi will be much less and the human supporters who have human aspirations might not be as willing to work for Modi as they were in 2014. Enthusing such demotivated supporters requires tremendous efforts or a lot of doles are given out in this budget. While the former action is what true supporters of Bharat wish for but in all likelihood the later would be implemented because the friends of Modi in BJP are also the supporters of the top leaders of the top secular party.

Unexpected verdict in 2G can be explained by giving legal loop holes and inabilities, what shall be the explanation for no headway in A to Z scams? Time is running out. Why can’t the government form a dedicated team of experts who would study all these scams, take them to logical end by requesting Hon. Supreme Court of India to assist in SIT and update the Nation? Why wait for 60 months? Why honest officers transferred and harassed? Ideal situation would be to deliver rather than explain and be reactive.

Picture Credit: Rishabh’s Lens

Written by Vijendra Bhatt and Robin Srivastava


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