May 27, 2019

ISIS threatens to rid India of Hindus

isis-afghanThe latest issue of the Dabiq magazine a mouth piece of the ISIS has a message for India. The magazine carried an interview which speaks about an attack on India. Abu Ibrahim al-Hanif who is the emir of the ISIS in Bangladesh speaks about the launch of a massive offensive against India. It may be recalled that intelligence bureau officials had stated that the real threat to India from the ISIS comes from Bangladesh.

He says in the interview that the idea is to liberate India from the disbelievers or the mushikirins. Hanif spells out the plan that they have for India. This man who is the head of the ISIS in this part of the world says that they are training fighters both in Bangladesh as well as Pakistan to launch a fidayeen or suicide attack on Indian soil. He also states that they would be taking the help of the local mujahideen or fighters in India.

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