May 21, 2019

25 NGOs indulged in Anti National Activities

There are 25 NGOs that are under the scanner for alleged anti national activities. The renewals of 11,000 NGOs under the FCRA were cancelled as they had not applied for a renewal.

The ministry for home affairs however found that there were alleged anti national activities being carrried out by 25 NGOs and hence has decided to deny a renewal of the FCRA licence.

Sources say that these NGOs have been under close scrutiny for sometime. The NGOs were brining in the money and it was noticed that a large sum was being used for anti national activities.

 The home ministry has been cracking down on thousands of NGOs since the past year and a half. Most of the NGOs had not applied for a renewal of licences under the FCRA.

There were other NGOs which had not filed their annual returns for three years. Following this massive clean up act, there are currently 20,500 NGOs that receive foreign funds as opposed to the 42,500 that had licences to receive foreign funds.

Credit: One India and Vicky Nanjappa

Story Published earlier in One India On Nov 5, 2016


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