May 21, 2019

26 / 11 – Perpetrators Roam Free

We are a year short of a decade mourning the loss of 164 innocent lives to merciless massacre carried out by Pakistan incubated terrorists in the heart of India’s commercial capital – Mumbai .

This day in 2008 will always be remembered for the sacrifices of many . Legendary resilience of Mumbaikars in the face of bullets will always be etched in our memories . Resolve of our security forces & their bravery will always flood our bodies with pride .

26/11 was not the first , and will not be the last terror act on our soul & soil  , but Mumbai Terror Attack was an act of war that laid bare the vile intentions of Pakistan . The extent to which they would go to hurt India and its citizens was underlined ominously in no uncertain terms . Repent ; they never have and probable never will , such is the hatred of Indians .

Years of diplomacy achieved little , India is resigned to the fact that diplomatic channels are like clogged arteries where the diseased part is the Kashmir conundrum . Kashmir legitimately belongs to India , but nevertheless , Pakistan lays claim to the jewel in India’s crown and has done everything in its power , both legally and illegally , to wrest Kashmir from India . Dating back to the time when Pakistan unleashed an army of irregulars to invade Kashmir , to the present day when they obstruct peace through proxies and terrorists , Pakistan has never let-up on their mission to grab Kashmir at any cost . Infact they have intensified their effort manifold and some of their ‘madmax’ General’s might not be averse to the usage of Nuclear weapons , if it comes to that .

The fallacy of Pakistan lies in its blatant lies . They are a classic case of the ‘mouth sermoning peace’ but the ‘hands lobbing a grenade’.

They whine about Afghan terrorists targeting Pakistan but do little to shut their own terror factories that produce lethal brain-washed jihadi’s who like remote controlled bots are spreading across the globe leaving a trail of death and destruction .

Another lie of theirs is the prosecution of Hafeez Sayeed. It started as a sham and ended as an even bigger shameless sham . To set him free a few days before the 26/11 anniversary is literally rubbing salt in India’s wounds . Their vexatious audacity is highly deplorable , and we stand helpless , left to watch the charade of the terrorists and their masters who will now go on to spew more venom on India and cut more throats of innocent Indians .

For the Americans it’s ‘America-First’ always. Their target is the Haqquani’s and the Taliban , and to get to them they need Pakistan’s help badly . Pakistan will leverage the American weakness to its advantage and redeploy the likes of Hafeez Sayeed and Masood Azhar without attracting the threat of sanctions from the Americans .

Trump’s mention of Sayeed in the passing has to be looked at from the angle of American concerns in Af-Pak, and they don’t necessarily factor-in India’s concerns. Further , China has made its intentions clear with its repeated blockage of attempts to designate Masood Azhar as global terrorist .

No one understands our concerns , not even the United Nations. India has to fight its own war and not look for certificates from other countries. Time has come for us to turn tables and start confronting Pakistan head-on . Start by withdrawing MFN status , put a stop to Wagah Border trade – for that matter – all trade must be suspended .

Pakistan will perpetually fester trouble without let-up . India has to shield itself from terror attacks without being dependent on the Americans and others for support .

Sympathy and Empathy will be forthcoming from global powers but the hard fact is that – we are alone in our fight against terror – a stark reality .


Picture Credit: Rishabh’s Lens


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