April 24, 2019

#MediaSupari 4 – Ultimate Judge Arnob

Arnab is leading the chart for now in #MediaSupari series. The uncanny habit of Arnab to slap judgments without necessity of proofs or evidences; but solely depending on his prejudices along with whims n fancies to call any one culprit. The Kangaroo court TheNewshour has ultimate Judge, where the verdict is decided before the case is heard, and Judge Arnab bulldozes the logical defense, despite they provide undeniable evidences.

Justice Ganguly was subjected to a media trial of the worst kind, without any evidence to support the charges leveled by Arnab on Thenewshour. This so called debate was conduct on 3rd December 2013 and on 16th December 2013 on both occasion other than baseless allegation and insinuation, no evidence was presented in support. This was defaming an Ex judge of Supreme Court. Apology still awaited.

As again it is reiterated, Journalism ends at providing facts and Not thrusting baseless opinions down the throat of viewers.

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