April 21, 2019

38% Government

The people of India seem to be fed up of this 38% government because it has failed on all fronts. Nobody is safe in this country and it appears that the nation is on the verge of a civil war. India has never seen a disastrous government as the current one with no focus on any area and all sections of the population are harassed by one arm of the government or the other. We had better governments in the past and Indians deserve better governments than the 38% Government. All the opposition leaders are thinking about making plans to pull the plug on the government and call for midterm elections and bring sanity to governance. Enough is Enough.

Every concerned citizen of this nation should be worried about the direction the 38% government is taking this glorious nation. This nation has been ruled by foreigners for several centuries with some breaks in between and the loot governance was provided was largely accepted by the people of this country. Some great leaders of the past have made recruitments for the foreign agents to fight the agent’s wars but did not support the nation’s fight. The supporters of the 38% Government wants to selectively narrate history to impose their fascist agenda on all the citizens of this nation which has been progressing very nicely into a global poverty tourism destination.

Many of the citizens have accepted the destruction of the heritage of this country and have even happily provided a helping hand in making the heritage filthy. The heritage has been looted and shipped to foreign lands where citizens of higher tastes know how to value ancient items. The 38% government has been forcing the people to be aware of their heritage. A few fascist supporters of this government have gone about bringing the exports back to this nation and created a huge job loss and reducing the GDP of this nation. The poor of this nation have no jobs and whatever jobs were being created by the past governments are being taken away.

The Dictator of this government who goes by the name Modi has been making visits to pagan places and bringing untold misery to the viewers of TV. Can there be more communal images on the screen and the secular fabric of our nation is being torn. Apart from this, the fascist dictator of this 38% government and this chief communal lieutenant have started to focus on newer monuments of this nation while the norm was to keep the focus only on one of the wonders of the world. The glorious tradition of visiting the symbol of the death of 14 wife due to 13th child death has been abandoned. The people are being forced to change their ideas and symbol of true love.

The most dangerous act of this government is to kill the citizens taking arms for self destruction. The fascist government is not allowing kids to practice self defense using bombs and guns while it allows large army of people to carry 5ft long sticks. The fascist government is going after those having guns and bombs but is leaving the ones carrying sticks even though both can be used to deadly effect. The human rights are not cared under the dictatorship of this 38% government. The kids bomb themselves and why should anyone intervene and force the kids to change their ways. The right to privacy of these kids of bombs and guns are violated and the courts have also been seeing the other way.

Under the current fascism of this government, the husbands of fearful wives and fleeing the country to meet dictators and sidekicks of the dictators of other nations. The respect for intellectualism has disappeared in this nation and everyone is questioning the knowledge of the honorable people who were given high awards by the democratic governments of India. The supporters of this 38% government have begun taking historic data and targeting people of knowledge and silencing them. The voice of the knowledgeable people s being suppressed and several unwanted voices are getting space in some networks creating more confusion to the gullible people. The confused people are beginning to think and waste their precious time.

In this scenario, every concern citizen should unite and with one voice should tell Enough is Enough and should pull the plug. The 38% government should be opposed for reasons mentioned above but also for several reasons. For the nation to truly progress we should have a 55% Government and every well wisher of this nation should work with single minded focus. It is time to end the 38% Fascist government and bring in 55% government.

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