April 20, 2019

4 Cornered Contest – Communist Team


Communist players are the masters of deception and have perfected this art over several decades. The sense of righteousness keeps the Communist players from accepting the truth that in a world of inequality they are only killing people to make it a level playing field for all. The communists are the biggest murderers of humans and have no shame in continuing to propagate their murderous ideology. Very rarely are the communists are tried for the genocides, political murders and targeted killings because of their hold on the powers that exist.

The Communists usually appear very ordinary citizens with the sole intention of doing good to the society. Once we scratch the superficial sense of righteousness, which can be called as Communist Deception Layer (CDL) there exists a monster who cares two hoots for human life and has set his aim on equality. But for the equality in Communist sense there should be no people with liberties and everyone must obey the master or the leader and in the process kill many ordinary humans. Murder is one of the important aspects of the Communist ideology and doing good to the society is the CDL.

Communists are anti-Constitution or anti-societal norms not only in India but in every country they exist. Being rebellious is the nature of the youth and breaking the rules is what the excites a certain kind of youth. The Communists with their sophisticated CDL use the energies of the youth and convert them into weapons against the state. An absolute good act cannot exist but the CDL ensures that the Communists could convince the hare-brained youth in believing the gobarized ideology. Once indoctrinated into the Communist ideology the mind cannot come back to normalcy but only continues to degenerate and there is no anti-dote because of their irreligiousness.

The communists of Indian variety are mostly atheists and haters of Hindu Gods. Some of the communists can be deceptive and act as very religious. The lack of respect for the Hindu Gods makes them close and dear to the Mullahs and Padres and the three groups form an unholy alliance to defeat the Hindus who form the large section of the Others in the 4 Cornered Contest. Religion of Hindu kind gives a chance to an individual to introspect and without which there can be no reason feeling of guilt in their murderous process of equalizing the whole society. Communists have no belief in God in general but the exact reason for their hate is more sinister in nature.

Communists hate the concept of God because they cannot get members if people are religious in nature and have belief in God. Once people have belief in God then people donot have issues with most of the inequalities in the society. People also have a belief that there shall be better days and the individual would continue to put his efforts in productive ways and not in protests and blackmailing the state. The concept of God puts a limit on what the human can hope but does not stop him for putting a bit more effort to improving his life. This belief of the humans that they can improve on their own without disrupting the society is against the Communist ideology.

Hindu religious followers among the Others have too much belief in God making them difficult to tilt towards Communist ideology. But due to the persistence of the Communists and the mediocre capabilities of a few with high ambitions has got the Communists a great tool to kill the society from within. The Communists have used these ambitious people as propaganda tools and have infiltrated every level of the state and have been guiding the nation towards their dream of winning of contest. To be a Communist with their lofty ideals is to live a fantasy which is far from the reality.

The First Generation of Communist peoples’ origin is difficult to trace but mostly these would also be ambitious people but are only mediocre who are identified and trained as useful idiots by the ideologues who are anti-Hindu. The presence of Communist in any level of State is a danger but they are a self-perpetuating group and once they get any position they shall ensure that the persons who come next also are ingrained in their ideology so that their mediocrity is never exposed and hence as time progresses the degeneracy sets in the state setup and the quality diminishes. As the quality of personnel diminishes the institution will deliver less to the people and finally leads to chaos. Chaos is what the Communists need and their perpetuation in itself is a winning strategy.

The basic team of Communists consists of

  • Ideological heads: These people might be long dead but their words are gospel to the Communists and are their lives are taken as inspiration. The average Communist has no interest to check the end result of the actions of his of his idols and tries to do the same old tried and failed experiments over and over again in the hope of getting different results.
  • First & Second Generation leaders: First generation leaders are the Communists from the pre-independence era who got infatuated with the Communist ideology because of their mediocrity. The jealousy of the communists makes them go out of their way to fulfill their ambitions and become blind to the results of their actions and want to be saviors of people. The First generation trains second, and then the perpetuation continues for eternity. The tab of Communist appears good because of their self righteousness but in reality they become dangerous anti-humans. These players need not be part of the state but are power influence peddlers with the powers and help the Infiltrators.
  • Infiltrators: There are the players who infiltrate into the state because for the Communist the existing State is the enemy towards realization of equality. These communist players work and usually with the help of some external forces get into various positions of the State machinery. The strength of Infiltrators is that they can remain committed to their ideology for very long periods of time.
  • Aggressors: The ideology being to bring in equality which is not possible in any dynamic society, to enforce the ideology there comes a need for violent players. The aggressors are the players who do the entire dirty job with no fear of the state because the state is in the hands of their mentors. Every act of murder, protest, threatening etc are not dealt with the state and hence their self righteousness makes the ordinary feel that these people are right bringing rich dividends in the form of local support.
  • Defenders: These are the important group of people who always try to cover up the crimes of the communists players of all kinds. The Communists conduct genocides, murders, political killings and all kinds of anti-human acts but never get punished in most countries because of the narrative that is set. The infiltrators will never let the truth to come out and the Defenders give an alternative narrative to glorify communists to make the state as the criminal in every case.
  • Dealers: These are the communist players who work closely with Mullahs and Padres in their ideology of equality because these two groups also believe in homogenizing. The end result of the close work is the annihilation of the Communists but for the short term glory the Communists do not mind sacrificing their recent recruits because the senior ones escapes most of the times. The dealers are mostly very experienced players and have sufficient control over the members.
  • Victims: In the Communist world there are no ordinary members as everyone has a task cutout and has to deliver on his capacity. Those members who do not fit any of the above categories are considered as victims of the state and have to do the bidding of the other players. The victims have to support and there is little escape from the communist once a person joins them.

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