May 24, 2019

4 Cornered Contest – Mullah Team


Mullah Team is the team with least variety among its players and also the most desperate for a win. Their desire to win is so strong that they are willing to sacrifice everything for their team. Here everything includes personal life, life of family members, neighbors, animals, etc. The Mullah team is the one with least respect for any rules of the human world of which they are a part. Their only belief is in the words of Allah and Prophet from whom their ideology flows and their desire to win starts.

The Mullah team has belief that they are always on the winning side irrespective of the reality that surrounds them. The most potent tool of this team is the use of violence, threat and harassment and most of the times use any or all of these to win the game. The strongest desire inherent to Mullahs is for the fact they were defeated when they thought that they were on the verge of winning and are yet to accept this fact. The failure to accept the truth makes them desperate for a win.

The Mullahs cannot accept the reality because logic is beyond their grasp and there is nothing called introspection in their thinking systems. This lack of introspection means questioning their strategy and the ideals are banned within the team. Hence any mode of violence is permitted as long as it is claimed by the players that it is done for the cause of winning the contest is accepted as part of the contest. This simple game play has given them rich dividends over centuries in ever contest they have entered.

Mullahs are waging a war seeking little help from outside territory but are slowly gaining control over tiniest geographies one at a time. The signs of Mullah team winning the contest are the extinction of the diversity of the population in the territory and suppression of the lives of Others. Mullahs would be willing to work with Padres and utilize Communists as useful idiots to further their game. Mullahs would attack the Padres only in the end but for most of the times they are happy working together to win over Others.

The more bigoted and radicalized a Mullah the greater his worth for the team because of his increased bargaining power with the state or society or in other words he is getting close to winning. Mullah team has been extremely successful in delinking their brains from the issues of humanity. Most of the players of the Mullah team are zombied humans and for them fantasy matters more than reality. The only thing the Mullah team fears is rationality because once it enters the game strategy of the team then nothing can stop the players from seeing the beauty of life with all the diversity and freedom of thought.

The Mullah team consists of little diversity in the type of players

  • Living Corpses (LC): These are the players who have no issues in dying for the sake of win in the contest and have no respect for their personal life and that of others. These players are a danger to human society and no action is barred for them if it is done for the sake of the win. These mullahs indulge in every kind of acts that a society considers as gravest crimes and these are the players who command highest respect in the team.
  • Corpse Makers: These are the players who make mini strategies from their grand strategy and try to get more players into their fold so that they can continue in the contest. Reproduction is one of the ways of making corpses but it is not the only way. Reproduction can create humans but to create LCs it requires special efforts and hence the Corpse makers indulge in degeneration of the Others and turn them into Mullahs. The ideology is a centuries old but has been perfected over centuries and yet there is no win for the Mullah team. The problem is that once a strategy is considered perfect, there can be no introspection about the need to revise it. Hence the Corpse makers hold on to the lie and claim that their strategy or the ideology is perfect. If any mullah has any doubt about the strategy of his team, then he is killed or shunted out and made as Others who has to be destroyed so that the team wins.
  • Corpse Feeders: These are the people who support the LCs in every possible way. The corpse feeders are the lowest in the rank and are not visible directly in the contest. These are the real masters of the Mullahs team because of their possession of wealth and their desire is not clear to human kind. These players create a narrative that they are not Mullah players and have nothing to do with Mullah and create Mullah Deception Layer (MDL). The Corpse feeders in the initial stages of the contest have created LCs for some private purposes and every monster will definitely go out of control at one point of time or other. It is only until the Corpse makers realize their powers and control over the LCs and the MDL serves to the requirement of Corpse Makers who are the real core of the team. The Corpse Makers then hold the Corpse feeders to ransom and use the MDL to stay behind radar.

The Corpse Makers create LCs using their ideology and strategy and use LCs as weapons to gain access and control over geography. It is geography that holds more humans, wealth and all other resources required for life. Within the geography the Corpse Feeders and everyone else are threatened and are made to spare resources for creation of more LCs. Thus the Corpse Makers create a never ending supply of LCs to dominate one territory at a time until they win the contest. As long as the Corpse Makers exist the Mullah team would be in the contest. The Corpse Makers install Corpse Feeders in the territories in their control and get the necessary resources and allow the Corpse Feeders to enjoy luxuries as long as the resources are supplied. Over a period of time the Mullahs would become a self sustaining team with a perfect combination to win the contest.

The Corpse Feeders are the ones putting the most efforts in the mullah team. Even though the Corpse Feeders are not the ones in charge of the team, they have no option because all their luxuries flow from the let off by the Corpse Makers. The Corpse Feeders try to ensure that the Mullah Deception Layer remains intact at all the time because it is the only defense of the team. If the MDL is broken the Mullah team will be left with only aggression prompting the other contestants to go offensive which makes the winning by Mullah team much more difficult.

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