May 24, 2019

4 Cornered Contest – Others Players


The worst players in the contest are the Others and they does not seem to have a captain nor any desire to win. The players are all mostly selfish ones wanting all the glory to individuals instead of being a part of the team and win the contest. In the analogy of cricket, most of the Others players want to win the Man of Match awards or Man of Series awards instead of being a part of the team and make the team with the Cup. The worst of kinds of players exist more in number in the Others and with all the weakness the miracle is that the team is still in the contest thanks to some of the strong willed players. If not for these strong players there would not have been any contest. Lets us go directly to the various types of players.

Corporate Gurus: These are the monks who have mastered the art of making palaces and temples for their beloved gods and themselves. These gurus have learnt the hard way that most of the rulers are self centered and would not care for the common folk. Hence the Corporate Gurus have taken it upon themselves in a few cases to collect resources and utilize them for the welfare of the ordinary citizens most of whom are Others players. The Corporate Gurus are the first ones to realize that preaching high morality, spirituality to the ordinary folks in Bharat can only do little when there is no prosperity to the individual. These are one of the two strong pillars of the Others team but the sad part is that they are quite few in numbers. Ordinary religious gurus and corporate bosses are yet to fully understand the contest and hence are still not fully in support the Others team.

Back Stabbers: There are the people who do mostly good work in the public view but are mostly sold out to CMP. These players are the in the game to gain materially and for personal prosperity and have no desire in the end result of the game as long as they are safe. The reason for existence of Back stabbers can vary from historical grudges to loss of identity in the new world. These people usually limit themselves to doing deals with people within the nation and never directly with the international groups. Most of the times the back stabbers donot know who they are working for and donot worry about the whole contest.

Traitors: The back stabbers and Traitors are the two set of unique players available in the Others team. The single important trait of the Traitor is that they have full knowledge of the intentions of their pay masters who are mostly anti-Bharat. They have no second thoughts about receiving awards, rewards, gifts from anyone as long as they are given a seat at the high table. Here high table means access to the levers of power, key information and control over the people. The reason for the Traitors is because of their intense hate towards the nation and their infatuation for the seat at high table. Most of the times Traitors appear like very good intentioned people but beneath the veil of goodness exist the schemes and designs to make Others lose the contest.

Rule Breakers: These are the type of players who form the bulk of the team and as the name indicates they break the rules that are set by the CMPs. The weakness is that these Rule Breakers donot try to come out of the system and frame better rules but insist on the tradition of Breaking the Rules and has become a way of life. Even though it is not possible for any player to follow all the rules that exist the Rule Breakers make a living exclusively by breaking the rules and going against the law without support of the ecosystem nurtured by a rigid clan of CMP players and Traitors.

Drivers: Among Rule Breakers there exist a set of special players who know about the contest and work in their own ways to ensure that the team is not losing. If given a change the Traitors among Others these Drivers would be declared Traitors of the nation. CMP team  players and Traitors of Others know the strength of the Drivers while the most of the Others donot have any clue about them. These Drivers from the second strong pillar of the Others team and it is because of these drivers that the Others team remains in the contest. It is the Drivers who push all others except the Traitors to remain in the game.

Like most teams the only chance of perpetuity for the Others team is due to the presence of Rule Breakers who remain in the contest. It is the Rule Breakers who have been surviving the contest and have seen several defeats and victories. The strong players come and go but the Rule Breakers remain unmindful of the contest that is being played. The Drivers always ensure that the Rule Breakers continue their survival at any cost as the game goes on for eternity. The CMPs and Traitors always work to put more Rules to contain the Rule Breakers but the inherent nature makes Rule Breakers to survive.

Picture Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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