May 24, 2019

4 Cornered Contest – Padre Players


Padre Team is no ordinary team and its presence in the contest is not visible unless somebody tries to find the missing clues in the game play. Padres are the best deception players and usually appear to be Others most of the times and are also the most ruthless. The reason for their being in the contest is due to their failure to hold on to the power in this nation and hence have created ways to win the contest which are the most disastrous to most of the people of this nation.

Unlike the other teams in the contest who have a Deception Layer to divert the attention and for defense, the Padre Team is itself a Deception. This is important to understand because real Padre player would never appear like a player in the contest and people confuse the fake Padre players to the real ones because the fake padre player cannot win the contest and has made ground for the real Padre player to make crucial moves to win the contest.

The Padre team has entered several nations just like India with results much to their liking in all places except India. The little successes achieved in their long struggles was very limited until the 15/08/1947. The foolish Indian leadership and the ordinary public were more scared of the fake Padre players than the real Padre players. The most important sign of a real Padre player is his intellectualism which is usually certified and held in high esteem by all the contestants of the game without much verification.

All the teams are in awe of the intellectualism of the Padre team and the Padres never lose a chance of using the intellectualism to get closer to winning the contest. It is the only team that uses the intellectualism as a means to advance its ideals and is always on its way to win. But the people who are in the contest are always talking and wondering about the fake Padre players and hence lose the focus and the will to fight the real Padre players.

This brings us to the point of Player variety identification and this team has a little diversity

  • Fake Padre Players: These are the degeneration agents who make people to degenerate in their spiritual journey by using certain material inducements. The inducements can be jobs, education, medical aid or in the worst case money. They conduct large meetings and get whole sale degeneration of a lot of people. All the new degenerates are highly motivated members of Padre team and always become mini Fake Padre Players. These are the players who get a lot of publicity and face a lot of angst from Other players. The Fake Padre Players are the Padre Deception Layer and they lack in intellectualism and strategy which is supplied by the real Padre Players.
  • Real Padre Players: It becomes difficult to differentiate the Real Padre Player from Others but Padre player traits is the only way for correct identification. These people gloat about all the injustices in the nation and in our case India and blame it on Others. These people infiltrate into the state and governance structures making the life of Others more difficult and avoid the necessary reforms in the state. Many a times the Others work with these Real Padre Players in the hope of getting a favor but usually end up getting pitted against some group within the Others. The Real Padre players are always on the lookout for creating new fissures in the society and then claim to bring justice.
  • International Organizations: Most of the international organizations that exist are a part of the Padre team and usually work to aid the Padre team. Even though the International Organizations try to help the Mullah team at times, it is the intellectualism of the Real Padre team at the Global level that controls all the levers of the power in several nations. Every single coin that comes to any nation in general and to India in particular comes with a hidden clause. The clause being the state must help the Padre team working within the nation and every single government obliges because most of the government is infested with CMPs.

The Padre team uses every kind of support that it can garner to further its game. In the initial stages of its global conquest, the team indulged in a lot of blood bath. The Padre team being a fast evolving team with a highly dynamic strategy at its core, has learnt that Bharat and several other nations cannot be won by fighting but by breaking it. The Padre team has learnt well that Bharat cannot be broken by outsiders but by its own people. The Padre team ie., the Real Padre Players’ game is to find the LEVERS of the power or persons in control of the power LEVERS and get them to do their work in return for some high praises at the global level, a few awards and rewards. The cost to the Padres team in the indulgences they offer is very minimal and the gains are huge.

Picture Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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