April 24, 2019

4 Cornered Contest – Round 1

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The Contest has started with the birth of the other teams and over a period of two millennia the four teams are fighting one another to win the Contest. Bharat will be the final place where the contest will end and everyone except the Others want to win the contest. The team members have varying names but their game play is very identical in some levels. The three important game plays are given below:

Knowledge Games: This game play involves control of the information sources and also the distribution of the knowledge. These games thus involve controlling education, research, media, etc and team with greater control over the source and distribution channels has higher success rate. The core of Knowledge Games is deception. Ever team except Others are aliens to Bharat and each team want to keep the others ignorant about the real game that is happening and want to change the collective memories of other players. When teams forget about the Game plays adopted in the past, they tend to remain in a rotten state and thus paving way for the defeat.

Street Games: This game play involves targeted violence against the members of the other teams. The violence can be made as a part of the state by using the levers of the power. The violence or the street level games include cultural terrorism, economic attacks and includes a host of other attacks on the life styles of the citizens.  The essence of Street Games is to defeat the players in every aspect of life and making the players to accept defeat. Nothing stops CMP teams from going to any extent to gain upper hand in the contest and there are no limits.

Victimhood Games: Victimhood Games is game play where a team weakenss the other team and makes the remaining teams to lower their guard. This is the most sophisticated game play mastered by CMPs and is played as an offensive tactic and also as a defensive tactic. The team playing this game will attack the other team and when the attack is paid back the team claim to be victims. This game play requires a lot of efforts and is prone to failure if used repeatedly and is the most difficult to play for a long time. These are quick play games and will be over in a short period of time. The most effective use of this game is done by using it as offensive at different times and locations in the field of contest. The only team playing this game goes for the kill while the opposite team gets maximum damage inflicted on it.

The tables below give details of the players and the type of games they play:

The start of the game has started with the rise of the Padres, Mullahs and Communists in the same order. Inspite of not winning the game and even after spending a lot of time and resources the three teams have no option but to fight. Since the game is set for eternity let us divide the game play into three stages. Keeping the context of the game limited to Bharat and how it has unfolded, the Round 1 of the game has ended with the fall of BJP government in 2004.

BJP government upto 2004 has done little to protect the interests of Others and still continues to be anti-Others till date. But Others have little options left with them because the only chance of them wining the contest is to get a government that works for them. For the time being it is only the BJP which makes Others feel as if ThereIsNoAlternative. With the first BJP government rule the Others have realized the importance of having a government which atleast knows the aspirations of Others unlike most other governments.

Not to take away from the numerous leaders from the dawn of our civilization, the Others have faced many troubles under their own governments, kings, rulers, etc. The first opposition to the Others has been the Padres, then came Mullahs and then came the deadly Communists each with a unique game play. If the Others concentrated on one team, the remaining ones would gain strength. Hence the strategy of the Others has never been perfected and no strategy seems to be in place. The Round 1 was actually lost due to the Knowledge Games which itself is an indication that before the actual loss the Street Games and Victim Games were well played in perfect synchronization.

The following table gives the most important players who had a hand in the winning of the Round 1. The letter in the brackets represents the team to which the player belongs.

The strength of Others has been their numbers and their desire to defeat what is theirs and hence no outsider can ever defeat the Others in fair game. The rules of the game are such that Others are heavily penalized for being in the contest and there is a heavy price to be paid by the Others. Hence the CMPs have worked together to ensure that the Others Players lose focus and fight one another. But the Others players did not fight one another but have lost their focus and have played without any common goal. The Others lost miserably.

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