June 20, 2018

4 Cornered Contest – Round 2

8 of 11 part series

Defeats have become too common to Others and the current situation is such that the Others Players have become numb to the defeats. The Drivers remained clueless and so have been the Corporate Gurus and would be Corporate Gurus regarding the defeat of the team in 2004. The Traitors had a field day and they celebrated the most as did the Back Stabbers.

The defeat in 2004 general elections is a lesson for any civilization that a momentary let down of guard could almost erase existence including the memories associated with it. Many people think that the defeat in Round 1 was scripted in 2002 but in reality the Back Stabbers have ensured that the match was never played to win and all the time Traitors worked hard to please their masters. It is most important for any team entering the contest to decide upon their victory celebrations and what the team wants to achieve after winning the contest. Usually the ordinary folks, the Rule Breakers among the Others, would go back to their lives leaving victory management to the leaders who in this case are the Drivers, Corporate Gurus. Even today after millennia of existence the Rule Breaker players have to make a living outside of the contest unlike the players of CMPs whose existence is only for playing the contest.

If the Drivers had worked hard and ensured that they never lose, the situation of this nation called Bharat would have been different. Every single time the Rule Breakers break their backs and win the contest the Drivers run to the CMPs to seek their approval and Back Stabbers bend over backwards to make peace with the CMPs. The Traitors cannot stand the sight of Others winning and hence they shall serve their masters agenda. Not a single moment goes when a Traitor doesn’t think of defeating the Others. When it comes to hatred towards Others the Traitors top the list among all the types of Players.

To break a team that is hell bent on remaining in the contest, the only way is to drain the resources. Since our Bharat is well endowed with all the resources to keep the people alive it is not humanely possible to make all the fertile lands into deserts. Hence the CMPs have ensured that the financial resources of Others are shifted to CMP players, the spiritual energy of the nation is destroyed using unrestricted degeneration. Efforts are made to pitch some players against another in the guise of support and better facilities and make the players switch teams. Traitors had a huge role in this act of creating internal battles between the various players and player switching.

The need of Drivers and Back Stabbers to reach out to CMPs continues to remain an enigma and this is mentality is a fast spreading disease. It has spread to such levels that even Rule Breakers are beginning to feel that there is no point in being in the contest when there is no end in sight. The Drivers, Back Stabbers are in awe of the Traitors because of the facilities the Traitors enjoy all the time irrespective of who wins the games.

The only source of energy and motivation for the Others to remain in the contest is their culture and freedom loving thought process. This thought process is now crudely called by some as Hindutva or vedic thought or some other name. The CMPs have been working to destroy the culture and thought process but have been failing for a long time. Hence a master plan was hatched by the CMPs to give the hardest blow to the Others and the strategy was to stun the Others team with Knowledge Game and try to push the Others into Victimhood Game which was alien concept to Others.

The latest strategy was Saffron Terror and has almost succeeded but by pure luck this grand strategy has collapsed even as it was being executed. The entire team has to thank one player Tukaram Omble for protecting the team from a certain defeat. The failure of their strategy has lead a deadly blow to the CMPs because it had alerted too many Others players who began to put more efforts to win the contest.  After this crucial incident, the Others have realized the seriousness with which the CMPs are playing the game and how careless they have been about their game.

Round 2 of the contest has ended with Shaheed Tukaram Omble in November 2011 and he is the Player of Round 2 of the contest.



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