February 18, 2019

4 Cornered Contest – Round 3

9 of 11 part series

Did anything change after the Round 2?

Nothing, except that it is taking a huge toll on the efforts of the Others to remain relevant in the contest. The attacks by the CMPs have changed and they are indulging in two extreme levels alternately. First they shall indulge in Street games and then play victimhood game and the transition takes place without anyone noticing it. Before the Others could realize this change, the players of CMPs might have shifted into knowledge games.

The strategy used in the Knowledge games is continuously altered because the street games and victimhood game strategies are cast in die and there is little to change in the game play. The expertise in the knowledge games gives the CMPs a little advantage in the contest and it is this advantage that has kept them in the contest. The CMPs use their controls in Distribution of knowledge to ensure that majority of Rule breakers are not aware of the reality. The CMPs then divert and distort the minds of the Others and sap their time and energies in mundane knowledge games such as allegations and keep the Others busy.

The glaring examples are the accusations on the several of our gurus are an indication. While the CMPs and their leaders have little or no contribution to the overall development of our nation, the same people accuse our gurus such as RamDev, Sri Sri, Kanchi Shankaracharya, Raghaveshwara Bharathi, etc. Lord Krishna Himself was agitated when he was accused of stealing Shamantaka mani and he had put in a lot of efforts to clear his name and get peace of his mind. Even though the accusations on Lord Krishna were because of him seeing the moon on Vinayaka Chathurthi, the important point here is that accusations are a burden on the mental state of an individual.

The CMPs have used the Saffron Terrorism to go in for the kill and but by the grace of Bharat Mata, her children are saved. But the Others never learnt the lesson and the Knowledge players among the CMPs have played the Distortion and Diversionary tactics on the Others and ensured that their teams win the contest. The result of the 2009 elections is the what the CMPs to go for the kill but the global slow down around the same time has slowed the destruction of our nation in several spheres. Due to the slow down, the masters of CMPs had more important tasks at hand to deal with than the alleged third world nation such as ours. This combined with the economic slowdown internally, the life of the Others have become more horrible with job losses and despair all around.

The Others have lost the contest Round and have ceded too much space to the CMPs. The various dangerous laws created by the CMPs have begun to take effect and one after another every aspect of the life of Others were attacked. Even though the attacks had existed for a long time, the CMPs became more brazen in their attacks. The CMPs having sensed the hopelessness of the Others have only feasted on the troubles of Others and their points of views were considered immaterial. Not one issue of Others was given a patient hearing and none of their problems have been solved.

The CMPs had full control over the game and all they needed was time which was running out. The economic loot, the fake allegations, the snuffing out the life of ordinary citizens with the innumerable street level games have beaten the Others to accepting defeat. At this time the Others rallied behind Modi in the hope of getting an able leader and the CMPs have realized this much better than various groups among Others. The CMPs have then decided to play such a game that it becomes impossible for the Others to match. The one thing the CMPs are best is their ruthlessness and their focus on defeating its opponent.

The game was distorted to such an extent, that the Others only hoped that the definition of win remained the same. But the CMPs have ensured that the definition of the win had been altered. The CMPs have sensed their defeat in the round in the last few stages of the game play and they have decided to use the Traitors to much greater extent. Many of the Others who were Traitors got closer to the Drivers among Others and as more people rallied behind Modi, the Traitors too got closer too got closer to Modi, the alleged captain of Others. Either the image of the captain was falsely propagated to create a certain image or the person himself was only a mirage of what was put in full public. Whatever the issue about Modi, the current Driver among the Others, things will not remain the same.

Modi winning the elections is what ended the Round3 but in reality it ended only after the ministerial berths were distributed and a lot of Traitors got the important levers to the game. The CMPs happily continue their existence and are improving their game play with more subtle ways. They now have more control over the rules of the game than before and the Others have been fooled big time. The manner in which the game is unfolding after the Round 3 seems to be the most interesting of all the stages of the game. The Traitors have ensured that the Corporate Gurus are sidelined to such an extent that their influence is cut to a large size and now it seems the game is fully back in control of the CMPs.

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