April 24, 2019

4 Cornered Contest – The Groups / Players

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All the four players play to win and there are two winning criteria.

Criteria 1 – The country called India is put into a state of Chaos leading to the disintegration along the several fault lines of the society, so that the broken pieces can be ruled as per the winner’s wishes.

Criteria 2 – The country called India progresses into a powerful nation in the region and takes its position at the top table of global geo politics and economic order.

Communists, Mullahs and the Padres are in the contest to attain Criteria 1 while the Others are in the contest for Criteria 2.

According to the winning criteria the 4 groups could be classified into CMP (communist, mullah, padre) and the Others. The rules of the contest are listed below to make the contest transparent and fair:

  • CMPs can indulge in violence with the sanction of the Governments at all levels and the criminals might not be punished in most cases. If Others indulge in violence the Governments shall come down heavily on them and in most cases book most of them and put them in jails. The trail for CMPs and Others will delay indefinitely but the CMPs can operate out of the jails while the Others will lose all their power once they get caught.
  • CMPs can get special laws from the governments from time to time to protect their interests and to win the contest. Others cannot get any laws to favour them and if they get any it will be quickly nullified by the agents of CMP’s many whom are Others.
  • Traitors are allowed only in Others and the Traitors will support CMPs most of the times to defeat Others while the CMPs shall have no traitors among them. Here traitors do not mean traitors to the nation but traitors to the interests of the groups.
  • CMPs are permitted to use any external help to win the game. By default there is no scope of any external help to the Others and if any exists it will be cutoff by the use of the various government agencies.
  • The time line is infinite and the game is to the finish.

Any additional rules to the game will be applicable based on the acceptance by the CMPs and the CMPs have a veto over the rules. Even though the rules appear to be highly one-sided favoring the CMPs, the game is by default unwinnable by the Others in the normal circumstances. The only advantage the Others have is the apparent numerical strength of their members but this often becomes disadvantage because of the traitors among Others. Hence traitors become the important part of the game as they ensure that the CMPs though every miniscule in number get a fair chance at winning.

The game is played at various levels starting from the street levels to international levels. In any organization there are people belonging to various categories and each category plays differently to win.

Streel Level Games: The CMPs ensure that life style of the Others is modified to suit their tastes. Slowly the CMPs increase their numbers in the street where possible and they win if the Others vacate their place of state for green pastures. The green pastures is a place where the Others could live without any fear and practice their life style and live within the Laws of the land and constitution.

Community Level Games: The CMPs ensure that the economic activity of the Others is hurt at first by selectively boycotting the Others and the Others finally sell their business to some CMP groups or would move their business to better places. The CMPs slowly take up the entire common places and make sure that the Others cannot use it to the same extent as before. Panchayat level, municipality level games are also played in the same way with the goal of CMPs being the destruction of the regular life styles of the Others and gain control of the area in every possible way. To this end, riots, targeted violence, harassment, molestation etc are the tools used by them. The strongest tool used by the CMPs is the victimhood. More about the tools and tactics in details will be discussed when each player is discussed.

State Level Games: Since the aim of all groups is to wrest control to further their agenda, the only way to power is numbers. CMPs are always on the path of increasing their numbers either by creating more babies or by getting Others into their fold. With each increase in their number the bargaining power increases exponentially because of the specific weakness in the Others. The CMPs have made elaborate plans of shifting around the various places of the state and increase their numbers at specific locations so as to capture power. The result of state level games will be dependent on the Community level games. The bargaining power of CMPs is such that the governments of every kind have been supporting only the CMP groups with funds. The aim is to change the pattern of government spend and infiltrate the policy making institutions and choke the general public and make one sub group among the Others to fight against another group while strengthening the CMPs.

National Level Games: These games are more similar to the state level games, but its aim is to destroy the forces guarding the nation. The main aim is to destroy the defense forces from within and also wreck the financial strength of the nation. The other minor aim is to change the demography of the state and change the pattern of spending to suit CMPs. To win at the at the national levels CMPs need not necessarily need to form the government but want a good number of people in power to decide the fate of the nation. The aim would be to grab the top positions in the various constitutional bodies and slowly choke the people and move towards the win.

International Level Games: This is the culmination of the 4 cornered contests because the ideologies of CMPs are owned and transmitted from outside the nation which wants the power to rule India for reasons not clear to anyone. The CMP group bosses want India not as a strong nation but as a market for their ideologies. Most of the foreign governments would help the CMP groups at all levels and in all level games. There is enough proof of this support and more on this later. Since India’s needs cannot be met by the internal people because of the faulty systems that are implemented by the CMPs over long period times, the country is dependent on outside nations. For every support by the foreign government, they shall make the Indian government of the day to support CMPs in one area or the other. The governments favoring CMP will be more than happy but a few governments shall not be happy to do it.

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