March 22, 2019

4 Cornered Contest – The Groups / Players

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The entire population of India can be divided into 4 groups and each group wants a particular kind of rule which is not acceptable to the other. All groups have at one point of time or the other held the maximum ruling power in this country and the other groups have fought to tilt the power balance in their favor. The four groups are not what they seem to be and also the contest is not what it appears to the casual observer. Hence, identifying four groups is the most important.

Communists: The communists are the people with anyone of the following traits

  • Have a tremendous love for the naxal movement, armed rebellion against the democratic state of India, mao, stalin, guvera and other communist leaders, ideologues and dictators.
  • Have tremendous respect to foreign nationals who abuse and disrespect India. Also the communists love to abuse India for foreign audience and always want to show India in bad light.
  • Cannot bear the thought that India is, was and will be a cradle Hindu civilization.
  • Cannot accept the fact that Caste is a recent phenomenon and there was a lot of great accomplishments of the ancient Hindu civilization before the arrival of the murderous ideologies including their own.
  • Always want to control the thought process of the civilization and have worked with any other group to meet their purpose of subverting the conscience of the nation.

Mullahs: The mullahs are not necessarily the mullahs but these are special ones with the following traits

  • Cannot declare that Islamic terrorists, jihadis, fiyadeens, etc are haramis and killing in the name of Allah or Prophet is haram so that the new recruits would not join and keep the country safe.
  • Cannot say that growing beard by men and wearing burqa for women is not necessary because if these two are mandatory then many would become false muslims or kafirs, who could be killed according to the Quaran.
  • Have one set of rules for the really rich and one set of rules the poor.
  • Cannot give respect to the other belief systems especially to Indian native religions.
  • Cannot follow the law of the land be it the constitution or the courts and want concessions for everything they deem to be part of the Islamic doctrine.
  • Cannot say that fellow countrymen are more important than foreign co-religionists.
  • Cannot accept the fact that other religious people too have sentiments that needs to be respected.

Padres: The Padres are not ordinary padres but possess highly distinctive traits as listed below:

  • Cannot say that all religions are equal and cannot give respect to other religions, cultural practices and belief systems.
  • Cannot condemn the pedophiles among their cadre and remain silent when the Pope accepts that his organization had a hand in genocides.
  • Cannot condemn the practice of converting people for the sake of getting numbers, only to subvert the democratic setup.
  • Demand concessions from government on the basis of being a minority while they use their religious network to get foreign national governments to interfere in the domestic politics.
  • Have no respect for women and cannot condemn the abuses of children, women in their institutions.
  • Cannot accept the simple fact that converting people is actually a spiritual terrorism or demographic terrorism with the use of money.

Others: The most important group and has no unique identity. This group has large number of members and their membership is only due to rejection or non fitment into other groups.

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