April 19, 2019

4th Pillar of Democracy – Selling Fear Psychosis

The 4th pillar of democracy Media has been consistently deteriorating its standard. They have played a major role in misusing the word Secular. Then Freedom of Expression and not they are on their way to diluting the word SHAHEED.

First they put their full force behind congress to ensure MODI doesn’t get nominated for PM post. Once he was declared PM candidate they kept pushing Rahul Gandhi as PM. Who can forget Arnab Goswami interview and his answers at FICCI.

Once Modi was PM they keep converting a small incidence into a big incidence. Examples are many. In the bargain they never bothered to stand by the small time journalists who were killed. Then they have issues naming and shaming muslim community. But if it is Hindu they go full throttle. Wonder where does Editor Guild go when such reporting is done. Their bias is visible in everything they do.

All major achievements of Modi government are shown as failures. Latest in the series 500 and 1000 currency notes. Why on earth meet only the people who are facing problem. The PM has clearly said in his address to the Nation that there would be hardships for few days. This is natural. The exercise is big.

The situation is bad for common people during curfew. At least we don’t have curfew. People are freely moving around. Banks are working on week ends. Regular update are sent as SMS by Banks to their customers. Back office agencies who are involved in cash replenishment at the ATM are working extended hours. Civil police is working extended hours to prevent untoward situation at banks and at petrol pumps. To add to this shop keepers are willing credit to their regular customers. List is endless. Why cant this be shown.

The middle class was the worst hit always. They are salaried people and no escape for them. For the first time middle class is happy. There are small time operators who never paid taxes (dairy, paan wala, kirana store, etc). They have never felt the need to show their income. After all they have to pay taxes if they are using the same infrastructure. Middle class is happy that there is no escape for such people.

No matter what MSM does. ………..


Social Media is the new Pillar of Democracy and here to stay.


Credit: Screenshots from Twitter and WhatsApp pics.

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