May 24, 2019

5 Financial Influencers I Follow

When tragedy strikes or an emergency transpires most of us are woefully unprepared, especially financially.  It is an absence of financial knowledge that leaves us oscillating between that dream vacation and funding our retirement. This ignorance is a subtle and ruinous danger.

Fortunately, the rise of tools, techniques, blogs and financial influencers has made it easier to govern our assets. Learning a healthier way to manage money has become simple due to them. With the world as our oyster, the struggle to effectively manage our income is gone.

We can connect with finance experts, wealth managers, industry leaders from the world over through the ubiquitous internet and boost our fiscal IQ. From finance industry news to simple tricks on personal finances, social financial influencers offer it all. Here are five such financial influencers that I follow for an unbiased advice.

  • Known as America’s most trusted personal finance expert, Suze Orman has written almost a dozen books on wealth management. Her blog educates on ways to be financially savvier, she uses her twitter handle to dole out advice and her YouTube channel to teach a better control of our assets.
  • Gaurav Mashruwala, a Certified Financial Planner and founder of A Cutting Edge, a personal financial advisory. Gaurav’s speciality is ‘understands the relationship with money’ and the inherent emotions attached to it. He uses social platforms to give a wealth of information on saving and investment strategies.
  • Manisha Thakor focuses on women being financially self-sufficient. Another certified financial planner, Manisha is part of Wall Street Journal’s Wealth Experts’ Panel and CNBC’s 2016 Financial Advisor Council. Through her blog, MoneyZen, Manisha offers financial wisdom in a language that anyone can understand by eschewing fiscal mumbo-jumbo. She has also co-authored two books on personal finance. Through her twitter feed, she engages the reader in crucial topics like debt management.
  • com, a website that helps you invest wisely, was founded by Dhirendra Kumar in 1990. Both Value Research and Dhirendra are widely used as a source of financial opinion in India. TV, magazines and newspapers use them constantly for personal finance and mutual fund reporting. They also provide investment advice through their monthly magazines Wealth Insight and Mutual Fund Insight.
  • Pick any avenue from Facebook to YouTube to talk show, Dave Ramsey utilises them all for one goal – reducing financial stress. Founder of Ramsey Solutions, host of The Dave Ramsey Show and a financial author Ramsey ranked as the topmost influencer in 2016. He gives the best money makeover advice because he has suffered through its pitfalls and survived.

Author is Mohit Gang. He is a former Senior Vice President & Head – Investments, HSBC and Ex. VP of Citibank, India


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