May 24, 2019

A Child should be Taught

and a Child landed up Teaching Me

Life is so beautiful for some but very hard for many, what all we take it as a guaranteed gesture with life may be a basic requisite for many. This realization came with a small incident. It all happened as recently when I went for a small trip to Mount Abu with my family to spend a weekend. Awesome weather, cloudy sky ties drizzling rain made the experience a memorable one. Reaching Gurushikar was another mile stone to immerse into Mother Nature, talking to the mountains and reaching the skyline, wrapped with clouds was a splendid experience. An experience to treasure lifelong but that was not all as we say life always have in abundance.

Another experience what I went through was an eye opener or rather a reason to think for…we went to Nakki Lake for boating there I came across a small little boy coming in front of me n saying MT ABU (2)“Didi please take my toy of bubbles” I in my candid expression asked how much does it cost he said just twenty rupees. Instead of ignoring him rudely or saying go don’t disturb, what generally we all do when we do not need things which are of our concern I said why are you selling it to me, this is a thing that you should be playing off. Why me? see I don’t have small kids…go and search some another person who has kids they will purchase it from you I don’t need this beta’…and I moved forward. Thinking that he might be searching some other person to sell his product…I has walked hardly 50 mts and again he came in front of me…innocently again requesting “ le lo na didi’.

MT ABUNow this time I could not ignore this little child, his innocence was in the purest form…it was reflecting with a glow of sweetness. I again said to him sorry dear I do not need this as I don’t have small kids and I am so mature enough that I can’t play with this stuff. He said ‘ek baar karke toh dekhiye bahut acha lagega” and he started showing me how we can use and play …I asked him ‘tumko acha lagta hai” he said ‘acha toh lagta hai par mai khel nahi sakta aap jaise logo ko dekha dekha kar hi maaza le leta hu’ I was stunned and shaken on his reply.

He narrated his story that he lost his father a year back and he has three sisters. His mother is the only earning member who also sells such things and then they both bring money of which their family of five survives. Touched by his words I said OK I will purchase but the condition is that we both will play. The little chap got so delighted as if I had given him a million dollar, his face expression of accomplishment of the work was readily traceable. He was so happy and seeing him happy I was engraving myself with the sense of completeness that I could bring a smile on his face.

Later on I handed him twenty rupees and said take this toy also from my side you play with this whenever you feel like playing. But to my sheer surprise this little boy of just aged seven years took the money and ran away I asked him why are you doing so and his reply moved me on. He said I have sold this to you and I can’t take it back from you. I insisted you again sell this and earn some more rupees, which will add to the total money you collect daily.  But firmly he said no I can’t take it from you either give the product back and take the money or keep the product with you . Giving me a reason to think he ran away. Searching for other clients.

How honest!!! how pure!! This definitely gave me a food for thought how important and urgent is his need, how important is that twenty rupees for him but look at his moral values which have been imbibed at this tender age not luring him towards bribing or dishonesty. This enduring experience gave me a deep level of thinking towards a cause that, how many of us can resist with temptation and especially at the time of need. If this is the future of the country then its surely very safe but I guess one day our pressures will break his innocence and he too might follow the footsteps of his elders and purity gets ruined and further vanished.

Lets be awake and learn that greed, dishonesty selfishness should not be the adjectives to describe us. Because as it is well said that there is enough for everybody’s need but always meager of anybody greed. I learnt this lesson from a small little boy to embrace love, purity and honesty and preserve innocence to its best no matter where we are and what we have. Then only true happiness can be achieved. Act lovingly towards ourselves and nurturing the world around with compassion gave me thought to be valued off and make this world to be a better place to live in.

To spread this state of happiness what I received from this boy of tender age I handed over that toy to another girl of 11 years…happiness is contagious it spreads more we try to ….bringing smile on these tiny tots gave me a spell bound experience.

Think it over!!!


Author is Anita Sawnani (Freelancer)

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