April 19, 2019

A New Beginning for Bihar: TCS – BPO Facility in Patna

Inauguration of TCS- BPO facility by Ravi Shankar Prasad in Patna today marks a watershed moment for the state which has lagged behind on indices of employment and job creation. This new facility aims to tap local talent and expand to other areas in the state. IT industry is going through turbulent times thanks to Trump’s protectionist policies on visa and immigration. Rising rupee has made matters more difficult to IT players as their margins are under extreme pressure. Organizations are devising ways to be agile, cut down costs and rationalize revenue per employee. Global headwinds are forcing IT majors to go to tier –II and tier III cities were talent is abundant. This would curtail migration of people to metros and tier –I cities and shore up development in smaller towns and cities . Ancillary industries too would get a boost by entrance of TCS in Bihar.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was conspicuous by his absence. This shows his non serious approach towards development of the state. Inauguration of TCS new facility is a momentous occasion and the chief minister of the state is absent. Ravi Shankar Prasad should be lauded for furthering the cause of development in the state. Nitish should be welcoming the move and facilitate red carpet for other industry players to come and invest in Bihar. Neighboring state Jharkhand is leading by example. Momentum Jharkhand has made a good start.

It’s rather unfortunate that Nitish has time to fly to New Delhi to cobble up grand alliance for presidential elections and parliamentary elections 2019 but no time to grace an inauguration which could possibly be a tipping point for industry investment in the state. Is this Susashan or petty partisan politics?

Picture Credit:News18.com


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