April 24, 2019

A Rat-tling Cuisine


“A Chef makes, a Thief takes” (Gusteau) while AAPtards contaminate it.


Playing dirty politics is passé, playing with innocent children’s life is the new engagement for AAP which boasts of transforming healthcare through Mohalla Clinics. This entire episode of mid day meal contamination will be brushed aside and politicking will be initiated by Kejriwal once his sojourn with Bengaluru ends.

Mr Sisodia who has taken the onus of transforming Delhi’s education will make another foreign tour to Europe  to study how to keep mid day meals free from rats. His expertise in replicating onshore models to Delhi governance is brilliant. He fought the dengue menace by holidaying in Sweden and Europe. The onshore – offshore delivery model of Sisodia can be replicated by Indian IT companies. Shouldn’t SAP embrace it?. It has some resemblance to AAP ( in terms of nomenclature).

The possibility of finding fault with Gujarat model cannot be ruled out in this case. Malnourishment is so high in Gujarat that even Rats had to migrate to Delhi and offer their lives for mid day meal. The rat chose to die for a meal than consumed by snake. Who’s the snake? Snake’s sugar levels shot to shitty levels. He had to find solace in Garden City.

Picture Credit: Indian Express, Screen Shots from Twitter, NYT


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