March 21, 2019

A ‘ROY’al Joke..

Paresh Rawal’s tweet set the social media afire.


He said, and I quote.. ‘ instead of tying up stone pelter on the army Jeep .. tie up Arundhati Roy! ‘.

arLike an echo that throws back a sound multiple times, there are multiple Indian personalities who have made it their business to echo noises that emanate from Pakistan as gospel in India – it goes without saying that the noises that Pakistan makes are seldom sane. Arundhati Roy, a noted author and social activist, is one such voice that has an habit of echoing the Pakistani,  Separatist and Maoist voice.

Just like millions of Indians, I too had a hearty laugh after viewing the tweet. But obviously the humor did not register in the minds of the liberal brigade, who have unleashed their sarcasm on social media.

The alacrity with which the ‘Liberal Brigade’ springs to defend it’s brethren is amazing, they could put Hitler’s ‘Blitzkreig’ to shame. Sagarika Ghosh sprang to Roy’s defence and so did a host of people who have made it their business to sympathise with causes that are anti-National .

Incidentally, Sagarika Ghosh had just a couple of days back announced to the world that India is the playground of ‘lynch-mobs’. She was hate-speech-by-sagarika quickly forced to backtrack after it was found that no such thing ever happened – journalists of her ilk have resorted to rumour mongering in the name of Journalism.

People accusing Paresh Rawal of mala fide intention should thoroughly introspect, because Roy, Sagarika, Digvijay Singh and many such tweet stalwarts have indulged in malicious campaign in the past and as long as our laws are lax, they will continue with their charade – unchecked and unrepentant.

Democracy doesn’t muzzle voices of dissent , this emboldens the dissenters to raise their voices, at times bordering on the limits of decency and tolerance.
They do it with elan , without fear and without a sense of responsibility because they know that our lax laws can do nothing.

The dissenting voices should understand the difference between Nationalism and anti-Nationalism, they should discern the obvious fact that Pakistan-separatist’s nexus is fueling the unrest in Kashmir.

In the theatre of Kashmir – Army is not the villain, it is the force from across the border that’s the villain , this very force has managed to hold sway over the minds of the dissenters and separatist’s for reasons unknown.

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