April 26, 2019

A to Z Scams Appraisal: Victim of Own Success

Rambo Act of NaMo for rescuing was media creation. Come to 2017, BJP lead NDA completes three years, Rambo Act of Development is a reality. World is recognizing the sea change here. Make in India has become a big success story. What remains a flop show is action against the A to Z scams.

Even today the only name that comes to people mind for taking action against Congress Scams is Dr Swamy. Why?

The main reason for massive support to BJP in 2014 was scams and the way NaMo popularized A to Z scams of congress in most of his speeches was an indication that the government would go after all the scams. NaMo had told the Nation that he will stand in front of them after 60 months with the progress report. Time is still there, he is a man who is full of surprises. Hence, will not go into asking what happened. But surely the countdown has begun.

Tainted political leaders picked up by BJP are of no use. The reality is only handful of corporator, MLA, MP, CMs and Ministers are connected with the grass root level people. If someone has an emergency and wants to meet them then the way their people behave is worth watching. Getting Darshan of Shree Siddhivinayak is easy on Tuesday than to get an appointment with these people .

Development alone can’t win election. If Uttar Pradesh has given a grand mandate to BJP then it is not for development, it’s a by product when people elect BJP. The mandate is because of pathetic law and order situation and appeasement politics.

Back to our discussion on scams. Minhaz Merchant has rightly pointed out salient points of concerns in his recent article. The government that makes tall claims ( genuinely achieved milestones) of giving a turn around to so many pending assignments of last decades is seen helpless in taking on people involved in scams. People want Hisaab Kitaab of the all the scams progress ALPHABET wise. What stops the government in setting up a time bound enquiry for each of the scams.

Twitter may have given an upper hand to BJP campaign in 2014 but it will come as a major setback to BJP in 2019. Between 2014 and now the scene has changed. WhatsApp groups have become a big force to communicate.  Leftist, Congress and other political parties are making extremely good use of WhatsApp groups. Amount of misleading content floating on this platform is mind boggling. BJP social media cell was never of any  good use and neither it will be in 2019. They are only good in taking credit of millions of selfless people who fought hard for 2014 victory. Worst, the top brass is embracing them by giving top posts. How is it different from CONGRESS. Well it’s BJP’s headache.

To sum it up the perceived value of NaMo in 2014 campaign is magnified beyond limits. He is a human being and not super man. Now barring few no one is working. If that is the case then why have turn coats joining BJP? Why have tainted politicians joining BJP. High time party workers with clean image are rewarded with MLA and MP tickets.

None spoke about A to Z scams. It was in bits and pieces here and there on net. When NaMo started speaking about A to Z scams in his speeches the nation anticipated action against them. When NaMo sat like a Tiger in Rajat Sharma’s TV show and said “..Kuch logon ko Darna Padega” that was the stamp on what he was saying in his speeches. Recent raids may be enough to keep people in good humor. But time has changed and people understand everything. Open and shut cases like Air India scam is no where in progress and the government is talking about selling the asset. Memory of Juhu Centaur during ABV is still fresh. Who bought and then what happened.

Before I conclude none in BJP social media have understood that there is difference between Default and Dominant platform. Twitter is Default and WhatsApp is Dominant. There is a wide gap between people using WhatsApp and Twitter. WhatsApp has deep roots than BJP would have anticipated. Opposition parties including Congress is taking full advantage of it. Misleading content is shared with fabricated facts and innocent people are consuming it. People are making fun of NaMo on A to Z scams, Demonetisation, NDTV, GST, etc.

BJP will win 2019 but it is loosing a lot of ground on their way to 2024. From being a friendly government to government that is not able to give Achhe Din is gaining ground. RWs may not like it but the reality is you can’t control what people think and believe. Common man whose life is restricted to Office – HOME – Office is not able to see the CHANGE. BJP social media team and their spokes persons are not able to create the impact. Dynasty may be synonym to CONGRESS but one has to look inwards to see there are enough in BJP as well. Change is permanent. And BJP is up for a rude surprise.

Dr Swamy is the only name that comes to mind when one thinks of scamsters to be put in jail. Ram Mandir will remain a point on agenda even in next two elections. But corrupt have to be taken legally in a time bound manner. Imagine the scam money if recovered will come handy and will be big relief to Nation. This is a debate that many in BJP will love to object. If at all it happens they need to ask themselves one question WHAT ACTION DID THEY TAKE ON A TO Z SCAMS? They may silence the critics but they can’t change the direction of wind.

“Ek desh mein do Vidhan, do Pradhan aur Do Nishan nahi chalenge”  Shri SP Mukherjee

If he was alive today then he would have added “KANOON” to this sentence.

Disenchantment with BJP is visible and An alternate to BJP is already taking shape and with the same philosophy of Shri SP Mukherjee but with clear focus to ensure there is no balancing act to remain in power. The seed is sown. This party will take complete shape by 2024 and would be difficult to be handled by BJP. This party will have a very different approach to Election and implementation of promises and will win 2029 election. In politics it is difficult to keep promises but the effort to meet these promises has to be seen in spirit. BJP can continue doing balancing act. 

A to Z Scams: BJP is on it’s path to become victim of own success.

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