May 24, 2019

AAP Shambhoo

Recently there was an incident  Jammu – an act of desecration in an ancient Shiva temple  by a youth from the majority community of J&K. The act should have been condemned by everyone across the country and the perpetrator brought to book. Instead, we saw ‘so called’ journalists from the Mainstream media trying to give this news a silent burial. The few news outlets that did tweet this news, did so grudgingly and incorrectly.

The following lines depict the conversation that I had with myself after witnessing the ostrich like behaviour of the media. What is ironic is that while I was penning these lines, a similar incident was taking place elsewhere in the city! Not spreading awareness about a crime, and the associated punishment, actually emboldened nefarious elements.

What purpose does hushing things up serve? We must spread awareness and make sure that enough furore is created so that there is no repeat of what we have been witnessing over so many centuries in this great country of harmonious diversity

आप शंभू

प्रथम स्वर जीवन का
मृत्यु का तुम ही हो
आलाप शंभू

वर हो अमृत का
विष का तुम ही हो
श्राप शंभू

आराध्य राम के
रावण का तुम ही हो
पश्चाताप शंभू

कारक आनंद के
हरते भय और सभी
संताप शंभू

निष्क्रिय मौन साधे हूँ तटस्थ
रक्षक थे हो रहोगे
आप शंभू

 – Dimple Kaul

About the Author

Dimple Kaul is an active denizen of the online world.She considers herself to be a citizen of the free world and believes in living and letting live. She does not have a preferred form or style of writing and uses poetry and/or prose based on what she wants to communicate.Some of her work is available on Her Twitter handle is dimple_kaul where her interest in the ‘right‘ kind of Politics and unabashed love for her nation is clearly visible. You can also connect with her at

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