April 24, 2019

#AAPFreenomics: Will Electorates of Goa and Punjab Fall For It?

Can free WiFi make you forget half of your problems? AAP think so. No wonder they have promised to offer free WiFi to Goa. After the success of falsehood in Delhi, AAP has become ambitious. Goans, are you gullible? Would you fall for cheap thrills  and gamble away your votes? If Delhi is any indication and the way elections have become unpredictable, WiFi wonderland might drive people to believe the pipe dream sold by AAP. Prime Ministerial ambitions of Arvind Kejriwal is the reason behind free WiFi in the states where AAP is fighting elections. He would rule states through Cisco’s Telepresence over WiFi. Is there any deal with Cisco? Not necessary. Deals are done only by Modi and his crony capitalists.

Delhi_PunjabIssues of development hardly find any mention be it Goa or Punjab elections. Drug menace and unemployment is the pressing problem in Punjab. AAP has been harping a lot on these two issues but without offering any concrete solutions. Blaming Badals will not suffice. How is AAP going to solve the current problem is non existent in their discourse. Water dispute between Haryana and Punjab needs urgent attention. There is no credible alternative offered by AAP to address water woes. Empty rhetoric would not be of any help. If there is any party which has mastered the art of escapism and passing the buck, its AAP. For water dispute, AAP has the scapegoat ready – BJP ruled Haryana state. ModiJi is behind thirsty Punjab – would be a probable tweet from AAP supremo. All problems will have its roots traced back to SAD-BJP rule and the muck would fly thick and fast.

Will Goa and Punjab choose theatrics over governance? Lets wait for the verdict. If the verdict turns out AAP’s way then Goa and Punjab would complement Delhi in absurdity and blame game. There are no winners in such slugfests. The electorate loses and political bigwigs relish their fortunes.

Picture Credit: Oneindia WhatsApp and Screenshots from Twitter


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